I Hate Receipts and Ingenico Join Forces to Enhance Consumer Experience with Contactless HD Receipts™

As merchants look to innovate and improve the shopping experience, I Hate Receipts and Ingenico are connecting merchants and consumers past the point of sale and transforming receipts into actionable data.  

AUSTIN, Texas and SURESNES, France, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — I Hate Receipts (IHR), the cloud-based receipting platform, has announced today its partnership with Ingenico, the global leader in payments acceptance solutions, as it joins the Ingenico Payments Platform as a Service (PPaaS). As an Ingenico PPaaS partner, IHR expands its reach worldwide to connect retailers and merchants with their customers by turning every receipt into a customer interaction, utilizing Contactless HD Receipts™. Merchants can now stay connected to customers well beyond the cash register through consumers’ mobile devices with personalized offers that drive repeat purchases, customer loyalty and retention. 

In the United States alone, the annual consumption of receipts results in the depletion of over three million trees and approximately 9 billion gallons of water. To mitigate these environmental concerns, the implementation of state-of-the-art mobile POS technology like Ingenico’s AXIUM payment terminals, can seamlessly integrate with any website, enabling customers to effortlessly register and log into their accounts.

By utilizing analytics derived from these integrated systems, businesses can effectively track individual store performances and gain access to superior data, empowering them to make informed commerce decisions while minimizing their ecological impact.

“As consumers continue to demand convenient shopping experiences, and merchants seek better engagement with those consumers, IHR answers with our Contactless HD Receipts sent directly from the checkout terminal to our consumer-facing app,” said Ryan Greene, Founder and CEO of IHR. “We believe that by providing our mobile-first receipt capabilities through Ingenico’s PPaaS, we can improve the in-store and omnichannel shopping experience, while also empowering every consumer with all their purchase data in one place and at their fingertips.”

“We are excited to welcome I Hate Receipts to the PPaaS network of partners, ushering in a new era in digital receipts,” said Giulio Montemagno, SVP PPaaS at Ingenico. “We share IHR’s commitment to a first-class customer experience and PPaaS is all about delivering the new in-store checkout experiences that go beyond payments to enhance customer engagement. We believe that IHR is a great addition to the catalog of services that we make available to our clients such as banks, acquirers and ISVs, allowing them to roll these out across their merchant networks.”

Merchants, banks, ISV’s and other fintech partners can access IHR’s innovative digital receipt technology via API. Using the IHR SDK will enable partners to offer a customized, branded receipt for consumers that is clickable, shareable, and interactive. The included APIs are available for mobile and web developers and provide an interactive high-resolution receipt directly from the merchant’s platform to the consumer’s mobile device, eliminating the need for paper or emailed receipts.

About IHR

I Hate Receipts gives everyone sovereignty over their own purchase data through secure, Contactless HD Receipts. By using the IHR app, consumers can access all their purchase data in one easy to use app. For more information go to ihatereceipts.com

About Ingenico

Ingenico is the global leader in payments acceptance solutions. As the trusted technology partner for merchants, banks, acquirers, ISVs, payment aggregators and fintech customers our world-class terminals, solutions and services enable the global ecosystem of payments acceptance. With 45 years of experience, innovation is integral to Ingenico’s approach and culture, inspiring our large and diverse community of experts who anticipate and help shape the evolution of commerce worldwide. Learn more at ingenico.com.

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