Icons & Couture Announces the Launch of the Unorthodox Collection

HARTFORD, Conn., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†ICONS & COUTURE today announces the launch of their first collection, UNORTHODOX. The Unorthodox collection is comprised of a unique set of unisex jewelry and accessories that include a brooch, shoelace charms, earrings, and a belt buckle, worthy of a photoshoot, red carpet event or special occasion, and is available for preorder, on May 24th, at www.iconsandcouture.com.

UNORTHODOX captures the essence of luxury with a lavish blend of regal designs and 3D printing technology. With its precise attention to detail and unique design aesthetic, a timeless, innovative look is produced to create an unusual mode of fashion.

UNORTHODOX pieces are designed to embellish the silhouette of the modern day man or woman and interchange given the right finding or type of jewelry desired.

The collection is strongly influenced by old family heirlooms, 80’s runway jewelry, gold antiques, and French/Italian baroque architecture. Each piece is designed, printed in resin, casted in the highest quality of recycled metals and plated with an antique gold, matte finishing.

“UNORTHODOX is the epitome of LUXURY.Printed.”, said Paula Finch, founder and designer. “I’m humbled at the opportunity to present this unique collection to the world.”

Icons & Couture is an upcoming brand that thinks beyond the traditional boundaries of design in order to create exclusivity and custom experiences for the luxury consumer.

Press Contact: Paula Finch


SOURCE Icons & Couture

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