iLAVA Launches New Website to Simplify Arizona Cannabis Shopping Experience

Six years after launch, iLAVA simplifies e-commerce shopping experience by building an onsite shopping experience with a revolutionary cannabinoid selector

PHOENIX, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iLAVA, a wellness cannabis brand focused on targeted formulations with CBC, CBG, & CBN, has launched a new website built using single-brand multi-store checkout incorporating a cannabinoid selector for consumers searching for specific cannabinoid products.  These unique products include iLAVA Touch, an essential oil cannabinoid gel topical, and rare multi-cannabinoid metered dose Dablicators™ which offers proprietary blends of cannabinoids for those looking for unique cannabinoid combinations outside of traditional Delta-9 THC consumption.

Moe Asnani, co-founder of iLAVA notes, "It is important to remember that independently owned brands like ours are the foundation of licensed cannabinoid research and development in the cannabis consumer packaged goods space, but access is driven by the availability of licensed shelf space. We invite every licensed retailer in Arizona cannabis to join our network of Evolved Cannabis Retailers to test our ability to sell-through."

iLAVA’s brand footprint has grown significantly since Ashley Cregor joined the team as Director of Sales in early Summer 2022. To this point Cregor states, "The core of why people buy iLAVA products is to replicate a consistent experience. Once we educate the retailers and they are able to funnel that knowledge to the consumer who buys an iLAVA product, we often create customers for life."

Over 95% of all iLAVA products comply with Arizona’s recreational law, the Smart & Safe Arizona Act, which allows for sales to 21+ consumers. The remaining 5% are available to AZ medical marijuana cardholders only.

iLAVA has set up a brand headquarters in downtown Phoenix to work more closely with licensed cannabis retail management and employees.

Arizona cannabis dispensaries and retailers can stock iLAVA products by ordering on Leaflink.

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About iLAVA

Our mission is to lead the evolution of wellness cannabis. We create efficacious cannabis products with an optimal combination of plant medicine and technology, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona since 2016.

iLAVA is one of Arizona’s most innovative cannabis brands. We have developed rare multi-cannabinoid edibles, extracts and vapes, and award-winning essential oil infused topicals. Because we cultivate our own flower and perform in-house extraction and distillation, our products are known for being consistent, effective and of the highest quality.

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