Intoleran Enzymes Help Relieve Thanksgiving-Related Digestive Symptoms

The Popular Autumnal American Holiday Is Famous for Its Food — A Factor That Upsets Digestive Systems by the Millions Every Year.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/Thanksgiving is famous for its food. The feast-focused American celebration takes place at the end of November and is often seen as the beginning of an extended holiday season for Americans from coast to coast. While fun for the taste buds, though, Thanksgiving is often rough on the digestive system.

“Thanksgiving may be fun when you’re filling your plate and eating your food, but it can leave you feeling stuffed, sluggish, and even uncomfortable,” explains Intoleran owner Harmen Treep. The executive adds that for millions of Americans, the sudden ingestion of so much unique food on a single day can also stir up digestive ailments, such as food intolerances and IBS.

“When you introduce that many different kinds of foods at once, it can leave your digestive system reeling,” says Treep. “On top of that, in many cases, everyone brings a part of the meal, which means you can’t tell what ingredients are in which dish. And you never want to be ‘that relative’ that is going around asking everyone if their food has certain components that are off-limits for your specific diet.”

For Treep and the many customers of Intoleran, the solution to this digestive conundrum is the Dutch brand’s high-quality digestive enzymes. These come in a wide range of supplements designed to help with various intolerances, from sugar and starch to fruits, grains, and dairy products. The brand’s quatrase 10,000 is a particularly effective all-in-one option that addresses a variety of intolerances all at once and can be a great “catch-all” solution for those managing more comprehensive conditions, such as IBS.

“Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate,” says Treep. “It shouldn’t be interrupted by poor digestion, bloating, and other symptoms that come from an underperforming GI tract. A clean supplement like those that Intoleran offers is a simple and effective way to help your digestion stay strong and effective throughout one of the most food-focused days of the year.”

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Intoleran was founded in the Netherlands in 2008. The Dutch health brand specializes in creating enzyme-based supplements that address a variety of food intolerances, including lactose, fructose, fructans, galactans, starch, and sucrose. Intoleran products assist the digestive system by helping to properly digest food and, consequently, avoid many of the unpleasant side effects that come from food intolerances. To preserve quality and effectiveness, Intoleran only uses ingredients necessary for the effect of the supplements and no unnecessary additives. This allows as many people as possible to use the products without unwanted side effects. Learn more at

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