Intoleran’s Sleek Digestive Enzyme Tins Are Perfect for Discreet Digestive Support During the Holidays

The Brand’s Neutral, Simple Packaging Avoids Questions and Makes It Easy to Access Digestive Support During Holiday Events

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Many people use medications and supplements to help manage digestive concerns. Often, these involve blister packs and orange bottles with white lids. These attract attention and unwanted questions, which makes them hard to bring to gatherings or public settings where food is present.

Intoleran has designed its digestive enzymes to avoid awkward or uncomfortable conversations when using them in public. Many of the brand’s capsules and tablets come in clean, neutral tins. These containers can slip into a purse or bag and don’t easily attract attention when pulled out. This allows those with digestive concerns, such as food intolerance or IBS, to discreetly consume the supplements before eating a meal with questionable ingredients.

“The holidays are filled with foods that have the potential to cause flare-ups,” says Harmen Treep, owner of Intoleran. “When you go to someone’s house, and they offer you a meal, or you’re facing a table full of various snacks, desserts, and holiday drinks, it’s hard to know what options are safe and which ones can set off your digestive system. Our enzymes enable those with digestive concerns to eat with confidence again, and the packaging allows them to do so discreetly.”

Intoleran’s digestive enzymes are clean, simple, and have no unnecessary additives. They are made right in Intoleran’s own production facility in the Netherlands, where the formulations are overseen by on-staff dieticians. The result is highly effective, safe, over-the-counter digestive solutions that consumers can use to manage digestional discomfort. In most cases, all that’s required is to take a dose immediately before eating. Some capsules can even be opened and sprinkled directly on the food itself.

“No one wants to deal with digestive concerns,” Treep explains. “The need to explain an intolerance or IBS symptoms over and over again to others only exacerbates the issue. Our enzymes are clean and effective, but they’re also tactful. They enable you to prepare for a meal without attracting attention. That way, you can relax and focus on enjoying every moment of the holiday season.”

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Intoleran was founded in the Netherlands in 2008. The Dutch health brand specializes in creating enzyme-based supplements that address a variety of food intolerances, including lactose, fructose, fructans, galactans, starch, and sucrose. Intoleran products assist the digestive system by helping to properly digest food and, consequently, avoid many of the unpleasant side effects that come from food intolerances. To preserve quality and effectiveness, Intoleran only uses ingredients necessary for the effect of the supplements and no unnecessary additives. This allows as many people as possible to use the products without unwanted side effects. Learn more at

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