Less Is More! Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest Launches Easy Cold Press Compact Juicer with XL Feed Chute

New Easy-to-Use Compact Juicer Provides More Juice With Less Clean Up

ANAHEIM, Calif., Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Innovating modern, compact, kitchen tools that make healthy living easy, Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest is pleased to release its new SJX-1 Easy Cold Press Juicer with XL Feed Chute and Compact Footprint, which makes it as easy as ever for consumers to have their very own in-home juice bar, regardless of kitchen size or lifestyle. The SJX-1 Easy Cold Press, features an extra large feed chute and a strong non-jamming motor for whole or batch juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables. This compact, three-piece, cold press juicer makes juicing—and cleanup—extra easy!

The SJX-1 Easy Cold Press is a fantastic choice for novice juicers and individuals looking to save time and kitchen space. Made with juice lovers in mind, who wish juicing was more convenient, this space-saving juicer holds promise of being the easiest-to-use juicer on the market. There are only 3 parts to assemble and clean. The SJX-1 operates with a hands-free batch mode that allows busy multitaskers to fill the XL feed chute with their favorite blend of fruits and vegetables, walk away and return to their fresh, cold-pressed juice. A truly inclusive juicer, Shine’s SJX-1 offers a smaller footprint with less frustration and less clean up at an accessible price point.

"Our goal with this release was to give consumers more with less," explained Will Choi, CEO of Tribest Corporation. "Finally, consumers can enjoy a compact juicer, perfectly suited for any kitchen or lifestyle, that doesn’t skimp on power, performance or juice quality. Plus, with a simple batch operation that encourages multitasking, and only three, easy parts to clean, juicing is made more convenient than ever before!"

This simple, straightforward juicer also comes complete with an integrated juicing screen and a powerful 200 watt motor, which works to crush produce at a low RPM with maximum torque for a high yield of fresh high-quality juice.

Every SJX-1 Easy Cold Press Juicer offers a completely BPA-free interior and includes a Juice Container with 27 oz. of juice capacity, along with a Pulp Container that catches up to 20 oz. of pulp. The SJX also features a variety of other accessories to remedy common pain points associated with juicing, including an XL brush for cleaning and a separate brush with a pulp pick to clean pesky pulp out of the juicing screen.

Shine Kitchen Co.’s new SJX-1 Easy Cold Press Juicer with XL Feed Chute and Compact Footprint is available in either white or gray, through the company’s website and a number of retailers like Target, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Macy’s for an SRP of only $179.95. All machines come with a 3-year, worry-free, warranty. For more information about Shine Kitchen Co.® and its products, please visit www.shinekitchen.co


Shine Kitchen Co.® is a subsidiary of appliance leader Tribest Corporation, manufacturing easy-to-use wellness appliances. Shine Kitchen Co.® ‘s design ethos is to maximize performance while minimizing its footprint by creating compact appliances, using less materials, to fit any sized kitchen. The company’s products include its Cold Press Vertical Slow Juicer, Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine and its newly launched 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer. Please visit www.shinekitchen.co for more information.


Based out of Anaheim, California, Tribest Corporation has proudly spent 34 years manufacturing high-quality appliances, carefully designed to make healthy living easy. Tribest aims to provide its customers with the latest innovations to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its products range from high-end juicers and blenders, to dehydrators, spiralizers, sprouters, nut milk makers, coffee appliances and more. To learn more about Tribest Corporation, visit www.tribest.com.

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