‘Life Is a Journey – Don’t Forget to Stop and Focus on the Traveler’: Clothing Designer Salwa Yak Launches Positive Line of Fun Loungewear Centered on Peace, Love and ‘Your Happiness’

WINDSOR, Ontario, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Salwa Yak announced the official launch of Your Happiness, a dedicated line of fresh and original loungewear intended to evoke a playful spirit and send a message of calm, peaceful connection. Using short powerful phrases and simple but evocative symbols, Your Happiness offers a line of affordable tees, premium hoodies and pullovers, leggings, and comfy socks that are easy to wear while at the gym, running errands, or just lounging at home. Your Happiness offers 100% cotton women’s clothing and unisex pieces that can be worn by men as well. The entire line is available for purchase directly from the website.

Your Happiness: Just Breathe Collection

Designer Salwa Yak offered a few comments on her new company and the theme behind her three inaugural clothing collections:

"All of my designs center on wholeness and mental wellbeing as a theme. For example, there’s a reason why so many mindfulness meditations focus on the breath. Though we often forget we’re doing it, breathing is central to our lives. That seems so obvious, but most people forget that breathing can lead us to peace. Breath is simple; it’s meditative and calming. Just focus on one single breath – stop all of the running around, and just take a single deep breath. It can actually change an anxious situation into a much calmer one, because breath is a gateway to peace. I wanted to evoke that simple but powerful truth in this design. Every time you see the word ‘Breathe,’ it’s a reminder: you should pause, center, and return to the present moment."

Your Happiness: The Peace Collection

"Cool tones of blue and gray, soft whites and charcoals – these are the background colors to the Peace Collection," Salwa explained. "Many of these hoodies and tees are unisex, so they’re appropriate for anyone looking for great statement pieces. I’ve designed much of this clothing to greet viewers from the front with bold, declarative statements: ‘Peace, Love, Breathe.’ And then offer printed symbols on the back, almost like a gentle farewell as the wearer moves on. I also like simple lines, bold fonts, and symbols that are universally understood by everyone: hearts, smiling faces, the peace symbol. It’s truly a global design for a shared global dream: peace in our time."

Your Happiness: The Butterfly Collection

"I can’t imagine a happier or more transcendent creature than the butterfly," said Salwa. "Here’s a creature that begins as a lowly caterpillar, a worm that inches and crawls on the ground, just struggling to find food and survive. And then one day it stops, looks up, and finds a private place to spin a magical chamber around itself. After undergoing a miraculous transformation, that simple caterpillar later emerges as the most wonderful and colorful being: a winged insect that can fly! Hundreds of miles – anywhere it wants – flitting and gliding with the winds, far above the ground where once it could only crawl, look up, and dream. That’s the same kind of dream we all have in our hearts, and hopefully the destination we’re all heading to. Remembering that is the reason for the Butterfly Collection."

Over the coming months, "Your Happiness" will continue to roll out new affordable designs and collections, like iPhone covers, facemasks, and handbags. All clothing is made with 100% cotton in sizes Small to 2XL. For the latest in "Your Happiness" apparel, or to learn more about designer Salwa Yak, visit the company’s blog. Or follow the company on social media: Facebook.

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