Lucky Penny Candles Announces First International Expansion

Lucky Penny Candles Expands into Canada with New Line of Specialty Candles

VENICE, Fla., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The newest and fastest-growing personalized candle company in the US is proud to announce its upcoming brand expansion into the Canadian market. Over the next year, Lucky Penny Candles will bring its award-winning specialized candles to retailers across Canada.

Trade exhibitions and business events aren’t complete without corporate gifts, and personalized candles are an ideal way to raise brand awareness long after the final kiosk has come down. Lucky Penny Candles has become a trusted partner of many US companies, and its reputation extends over the border. "A few months ago, we were thrilled to receive a call from Cathy Gonçalves, a CPA at CCMG in Quebec," remembers Dom Leroux, founder of Lucky Penny Candles.

Gonçalves had some concerns that her accounting firm would struggle to attract attention at the event. As it happened, the CCMG exhibit was the most visited during the event, thanks in large part to the presence of Lucky Penny Candles. "The beautiful fragrance of the candles drew everyone who was passing by to stop and smell them," she reflects. "That’s all we needed—once we got peoples’ attention, they were ready to listen to what we had to offer. Accounting isn’t always a head-turner, but we made a real impact thanks to Lucky Penny Candles." 

Corporate gift candles are in high demand because they allow recipients to enjoy their gifts for a long period after distribution, keeping customized messaging present in the lives of potential customers for as long as 30 hours’ total burn time.

"We are looking to keep on helping Canadian corporations with promoting their brands at local exhibits," notes Leroux. Building on its success with CCMG, the company has launched a brand-expansion initiative into the Canadian market. Over the next year, Lucky Penny Candles will be bringing its award-winning specialized candles and introduce a new Canada-focused brand both online and in partnership with retailers across the Canadian market.

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Lucky Penny Candles crafts unique, personalized, eco-friendly candles for every occasion in the United States and distributes them through its online store.

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