LUXIE Has Earth Day Spirit All Year Round

CAMPBELL, Calif., April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Earth Day 2021 lands on April 22, with more than a billion people taking part around the globe. The event is an opportunity for both companies and individuals to come together and take action against the growing threat of climate change. While the annual event lasts just one day, one brand takes action to protect the planet all year round.

LUXIE, a premium beauty tool brand, leads the way with sustainable and cruelty-free product lines. Since launching in 2014, the fan-favorite brand has stayed true to the ethos of doing no harm to the Earth and its creatures. The brand was one of the first to engineer an 100% vegan, high-performing makeup brush. Utilizing cruelty-free methods, LUXIE offers sustainable makeup tools, including hypoallergenic synthetic brushes, while never compromising on quality.

Professional-grade LUXIE brushes use no animal fibers, nor fibers tested on animals. While the use of squirrel, sable, or goat hair has become commonplace in modern brushes, LUXIE stands against this abominable trend. The brand creates bristles using polymer engineered in Europe with cruelty-free and man-made material, free of PBBs, PBDEs, and any harmful chemicals. The company has recently begun experimenting with a variety of new synthetic fibers. Using these renewable materials, such as bamboo, coffee, and cornstarch, helps protect the worlds resources.

LUXIE maintains a steadfast commitment to environmental preservation and community outreach through donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Campaign Zero, ACLU, Reclaim the Block, Grassroots Law Project and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

 About LUXIE: Since 2014, LUXIE has developed cruelty-free,100% vegan, high-performance makeup brushes. Known for their sleek design beauty tools with problem-solving functionality, and premium soft, synthetic bristles. Headquartered in California and led by CEO Conor Riley with Chairman of the Board Claudia Poccia- known for her work with Shiseido, Bare Essentials, Stila, and Laura Mercier. They partner with industry leaders who share their core environmental and community values. Available in retail stores across America, Europe, and Asia.

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