Marianne Jerri Launches Crankie Flowers Line of Sensory Dolls and More

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The team at Marianne Jerri is thrilled to announce that they have officially launched their collection of Crankie Flowers sensory dolls and other items. Marianne Jerri is the exclusive distributor for the Crankie Flowers brand.

Crankie Flowers was created with the idea of providing a hand crafted yet impressive quality in sensory dolls. Sensory dolls are sought after by individuals and professionals alike with therapeutic means in mind, as these dolls have been shown to provide comfort for those with anxiety, depression, autism, dementia, and other conditions. Mental health professionals and advocates promote sensory dolls as they can not only provide comfort but also be used to help engage in play with loved ones and friends while also sorting through social situations, areas that can be difficult for someone with certain conditions.

Crankie Flowers are different from other sensory dolls, however. While they provide the same level of quality one would expect in a sensory doll, they are handmade. Crankie Flowers sensory dolls are weighted and expressive while also having an immense level of detail and uniqueness. Each hand crafted doll offers a plush feel, fidget items, and clear expressions. Crankie Flowers sensory dolls haven’t long been available on their website, but the Marianne Jerri team says that their inventory has been quickly selling. It’s clear that the Crankie Flowers sensory dolls and pins have been an instant success.

Other items, such as apparel and stationery, can also be found in the Crankie Flowers line, and these make excellent gift items and complements to any order.

“While there seems to be an endless supply of the shirts and stationery, the store struggles to keep enough dolls and pins in stock,” said a spokesperson for Marianne Jerri.

Their current collection of Crankie Flowers branded items includes Crankie journals, pins, wallpapers, and more. As it stands, Marianne Jerri is working to grow their inventory to offer more exclusive Crankie Flowers dolls and items to people everywhere.

Marianne Jerri continues to grow the Crankie Flowers brand with a mission of bringing unique and fun sensory dolls to people everywhere. Whether people are facing isolation, tension, depression, anxiety, autism, or dementia, they and their loved ones can find a truly one of a kind way to cope with Crankie Flowers sensory dolls. According to Marianne Jerri, they are looking forward to continuing to grow their selection and earn new customers around the world. More information can be found at

About Marianne Jerri

Marianne Jerri is the exclusive distributor for the Crankie Flowers brand of sensory dolls and accessories.

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