Meet the Inspirational Founding Brothers of Gelpro

The Australian Health and Wellness Brand Was Born From Two Brothers’ Separate Journeys to Create an Effective, Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gelpro is a popular Australian holistic health brand that is in the process of entering the United States marketplace. In its home country, the company is known for its wide range of collagen, organ meat, and other whole food-based supplements. Along with a strong commitment to provide comprehensive natural nutritional support, Gelpro also prioritizes sustainability as a core tenet of its brand philosophy.

Gelpro is empowering consumers across the globe to engage in preventative health care and cultivate the healthiest version of their physical and mental wellness. This is a goal that isn’t just reflective of Gelpro’s customer base, either. It’s also what led its founders to form the company in the first place.

“My health journey started with a life-changing diagnosis,” says Gelpro co-founder and CEO Nagib Kassis. As a successful corporate executive in the early stages of a promising career, Kassis was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2008. In response, he released his inner entrepreneur and began seeking a solution to his problem. He studied the ancestral wisdom of his homeland and combined his findings with cutting-edge scientific research.

This initial journey led Kassis to a simple solution: bone broth. “I would simmer bones and herbs all day,” the CEO explains, “Drinking the broth, I felt a little better. Then a lot better. Soon I was back at the gym — and I didn’t need painkillers. The experience was so powerful, it pushed me to look into a more sustainable way to access the life-changing health benefits that come from bone broth — especially collagen.”

At the same time that Kassis was going through his newfound health journey, his brother-in-law, Anthony, was suffering from a shoulder injury due to kickboxing and intense muscle training. Anthony followed his brother’s lead and found the same healing benefits from the collagen-infused broth.

The brothers knew they had to share their simple-yet-unsung secret with the world. So they put their heads together and spent the next half-decade formulating what became Gelpro’s flagship product: Peptipro: Original Hydrolysed Collagen Powder. The formula is clean, based on ancestral wisdom, and backed by sound research. Dozens of additional products followed as the brand’s customers provided more feedback and shed light on further areas (hair, skin, sleep, gut health) where collagen and natural whole food-based supplements could help.

Throughout this process of development, both founding brothers remained heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of their business. This remains true to this day, even as the company continues to grow beyond its national borders. Nagib and Anthony personally take every product they create. In addition, everything is made in-house from the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients with the owners participating in the process.

Gelpro is the story of a holistic health brand from the Land Down Under determined to make a positive impact in every aspect of its business activities. Privately-owned and family-run, the company continues to maintain the vision created by its two founding brothers: to improve and maintain individual health through natural, sustainable solutions that are based on ancestral wisdom and backed by science.

About Gelpro Australia
Gelpro Australia™ Pty Ltd is a family-run Australian health and wellness company that operates with a holistic approach to health and sustainability at the forefront of its brand philosophy. The company was founded by two brothers-in-law in 2014 after they individually went through their own health challenges and discovered the healing capabilities of natural, high-quality health solutions rooted in ancestral wisdom. Since its inception, Gelpro has become known for its robust line of top-shelf collagens and whole food supplements. The brand is recognized as a health and wellness market leader and educator in the Land Down Under. Learn more at

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