Melinda’s Skyrockets to No. 2 Hot Sauce Brand in the Country Driving Unprecedented Growth in Unit Sales

Due to Melinda’s innovative business initiatives and unique flavor profiles, in the last 12 weeks, they have jumped more than 10 spots based on the number of units sold 

IRVING, Texas, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Melinda’s Foods LLC — the pioneer of the craft pepper sauce industry and the flavor-forward powerhouse condiment brand, has not only secured its place at the pinnacle of flavor but has ascended from the No. 13 hot sauce in the United States to an astonishing No. 2 with more than a 900% increase in the number of units year-over-year, marking a meteoric rise within the industry!

Melinda’s isn’t just a condiment brand; it’s a driving force behind the surge in the hot sauce category as a whole. With an unwavering commitment to the craft pepper sauce way, the brand has reshaped the landscape, introducing a unique and innovative array of sauce flavors that elevate culinary experiences.

From its humble beginnings, Melinda’s has championed the art of pepper sauce. Scaling new heights hasn’t compromised the brand’s commitment to quality, as they continue to produce their products with the same dedication, utilizing only the freshest ingredients and real pepper pulp. This commitment is a testament to Melinda’s dedication to preserving the authenticity that sets their sauces apart.

Beyond the palate-pleasing experience, Melinda’s Hot Sauce offers a health revolution in every drop. Chili peppers, a key ingredient in Melinda’s sauces, have been linked to extraordinary health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, as stated by the American Heart Association. These sauces also promote blood flow to the brain, enhance cognitive function, increase metabolism, ensure insulin control, boost vitality, and regulate appetite.

Founder David Figueroa expressed excitement about the brand’s rapid ascent, stating, “Our journey to No. 2 is not just about rankings; it’s about revolutionizing the way people experience hot sauce. Melinda’s remains steadfast in delivering unparalleled flavors while staying true to our roots.”

As leaders in the culinary market, Melinda’s Hot Sauce will continue to redefine industry standards and transform flavor profiles. For more information on Melinda’s and their assortment of 38 unique sauces and condiments, please visit

About Melinda’s
Melinda’s is the all-natural and passionately crafted vegetable and fruit-based pepper sauce brand that was the first to incorporate habanero peppers. Launched more than 34 years ago by brothers, Greg and David Figueroa, who wanted to share their passion for chiles to consumers nationwide, Melinda’s melds family history into every product. Using all-natural vegetables and fruit-based ingredients from Colombia, Melinda’s offers a wide variety of hot sauces, condiments, wing sauces, and preserves to help consumers incorporate delicious flavors in their everyday meals. For more information on Melinda’s, please visit

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