Mythologie Candles Ascends Mount Olympus with new Greek Mythology-Inspired Candle Collection

Mythologie Candles embraces their namesake with an immersive candle collection fragrant with the lore of Ancient Greece!

LYDEN, Wash., April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mythologie Candles, a leader in immersive fantasy candle experiences, is excited to announce the release of six new candles inspired by Greek Mythology! Fashioned after the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses, the Olympus Collection is divinely crafted with the luxurious scents and exquisite packaging Mythologie Candles is known for. The Olympus Collection is now available on the Mythologie Candles website.

Mythologie Candles bridges the gap for consumers who wish to experience their favorite escape at the next level. Featuring uncommon and unique scents that make consumers feel like they’ve been transported to incredible fictional worlds or help them imagine what it’s like to step into their favorite character’s shoes, Mythologie Candles has solved the problem of the most powerful missing sense in entertainment and home comfort. Some of their other collections include themes such as epic fantasy novels, Vikings, Celtic history and folklore, and role-playing games.

“I’ve always had Ancient Greece on our wishlist of candle collections to release,” said Leah McHenry, founder and CEO of Mythologie Candles. “Creating each unique scent for this collection was an absolute joy. Because this is our Spring collection, the goal was to capture both fresh scents and darker, smoldering scents for those stormy Spring days.”

The scents featured in this collection are:

Athena – Notes of bright lemon and bergamot entwined with slender olive branches scattered on the temple floor.

Zeus – Notes of storm clouds crossed with lightning and biting ozone softened by cool rain.

Hades – Notes of smoke bearing incense to the high ceilings of a dark cavern, warm patchouli enlivened with a dash of black pepper.

Poseidon – Notes of driftwood and cypress boughs cast upon a stormy sea, driven by a cold wind and rimed with black sea salt.

Aphrodite – Notes of frothy chocolate chai tea dripping over vibrant pomegranate and juicy berries.

Artemis – Notes of lavender and herbs growing in a forest glade, oaken branches and vanilla blossoms.

In asking about the future and expansion of this line, McHenry added, “My goal is to embrace the history and mythos that inspired Mythologie Candles in the first place. There are so many incredible myths and legends we want to explore!”

Greek Mythology is an area of fascination for many people, and has inspired fashion, music, books, films, television shows, and candles! With the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of the popular Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan, interest in Greek mythology and history will only continue to grow.

Mythologie Candles are loved by fantasy influencers around the world, such as Nerd of the Rings, a popular Youtube channel dedicated to Tolkien lore. The candles have also been praised by YouTube channels such as The Cottage Fairy, and TikTokers such as Momo O’Brian and Asta Darling, the latter having over 2 million followers on TikTok alone.

Mythologie Candles’ Olympus Collection is available on their website in both the 8oz crackling wooden wick Deluxe variant and Regular cotton wick variant.

About Mythologie Candles:
Mythologie Candles seeks to transform the entertainment sector by providing a solution to the most powerful missing sensory experience in the fantasy niche. Despite having officially launched in March of 2020 during the onset of the global pandemic, Mythologie Candles is already producing over 150,000 candles per year and has over 50,000 customers to date.

Leah McHenry

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