New Adjustable Dog Steps Poised to Help Millions of Step-Challenged Dogs

PARK CITY, Utah, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Good Steps announces the launch of the world’s first adjustable dog steps, the result of years of design and evaluation by the Good Steps team all in an effort to create a set of dog steps that can be used by dogs that can’t ordinarily make use of traditional dog steps to access beds or couches.

These revolutionary new dog steps adjust in over 100 ways to serve the needs of dog breeds such as Corgis, Maltese, Dachshunds, Bulldogs, and others who may be stair-challenged. They are also especially helpful for dogs with physical disabilities such as arthritis, balance issues, bad hips or knees and those recovering from surgeries or needing rehab.

In 2018 an engineer, an inventor, a designer, and a vet all got together to work on a solution for a problem dogs have that nobody had addresses…traditional dog steps aren’t designed to work well for most dogs. In fact, they can be downright dangerous for many of the pooches asked to use them.

What came out of several years of exploratory research, prototypes, and testing was a radically new approach to dog steps, the idea of adjustability. Good Steps can adjust to fit many canine body shapes and health conditions, adjusting throughout a dog’s life to fit its needs from puppyhood to senior. Dogs everywhere can now reclaim lost mobility and access their favorite spots in the house again.

"It’s extremely gratifying to know that with the invention of Good Steps adjustable dog steps, we have given potentially millions of dogs the opportunity to have more freedom and mobility," said Chris "Big Dog" Bachman, owner, and inventor of Good Steps. "When we realized how much the steps could help the dogs with health issues, well, that was pure icing on the cake."

Good Steps adjustable dog steps are currently available through the company website where each order is customized with a rep in order to deliver the best furniture-grade steps, both dog-wise and appearance-wise, for each customer. Later this year, Good Steps will also be available through a growing list of vets and canine rehab centers.

Give Away: Good Steps is giving away a set of Custom Good Steps during a sweepstakes contest running through October 18th, 2021. The value of the Good Steps to be given away is $399 and the team at Good Steps will customize them just about any way the winner wants. A perfect gift for the canine who has everything!

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