New Book Shares Rare View From Behind Closed Hospital Doors in US Pandemic

HONOLULU, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Travel nurse and war veteran, Grover Nicodemus Street, chases the COVID surge sharing his pandemic experience of traveling to hard hit places suffering the most.

Chasing the Surge powerfully shows the devastating conditions of patients and health care workers in COVID-19 filled hospitals. Street’s book captures the pain of a difficult moment in American history, with heart-wrenching and heart-filled stories. He has traveled to coronavirus hotspots in the US since the beginning of the pandemic to help others and also to keep his wife, who is a cancer survivor, safe from this deadly virus. Even though he tried as hard as he could to keep COVID away from his wife, it was not possible.

Grover Nicodemus Street takes readers on a spellbinding journey through coronavirus hotspots in the US, including New Jersey, Colorado, New York, Florida, and California. It also captures the author’s experience of American historical moments of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York, storms in Florida, and wildfires in California.

"Chasing the Surge captures the pain of a difficult moment in American history, and the author does an impeccable job with stories that portray the suffering and hardship of people while providing insights into dealing with the pandemic. The book is superbly written, the prose illuminating, and Grover Nicodemus Street R.N. meticulously analyzes the reaction of the public to the pandemic." —Reader’s Favorite

Portion of the proceeds of Chasing the Surge will help underserved communities with educational material and access to vaccines.

Chasing the Surge: Life as a Travel Nurse in a Global Pandemic is the story of a travel nurse, a tale of courage and sacrifice, which also explores the humanity of frontline medics, fighting to save lives and at times in the goriest of situations.

"Chasing the Surge is detailed, written in beautiful prose, and celebrating the courage of nurses. Grover Nicodemus Street R.N. provides strong insights into what it means to serve one’s country in a time of deepest need. The writing is filled with historical elements and the depressing experience of the Covid-19 pandemic is captured with ingenuity and, at times, grim humor. This book is the best thing I have read about the pandemic; a story that should be shared." — Reader’s Favorite

"A sublime, personal account about the frightening Covid-19 surge." — Kirkus Reviews

Chasing the Surge is 280 pages and is now available in e-book and print versions at, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other on-line booksellers.

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