New Wellness Brand Wellamar Brings the Power of Amaranth Oil to Your Daily Routine

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing Wellamar, a new health and wellness brand formulated to supercharge your wellness routine. Founded by Mark Sibilia after his own experiences with the line’s hero ingredient, Wellamar utilizes premium Amaranth Oil extracted from organically grown Amaranth plants to craft innovative formulas that are easy to fit into everyday routines.

With their mission to create a world where Amaranth Oil becomes the go-to choice for health and wellness supplements and topicals, Wellamar aims to simplify and optimize individuals’ well-being journeys through embracing the power of this single, all-natural enhancer with topicals, ingestible oils, and the first of its kind Amaranth Oil gummies.

“After meeting with a 75-year-old doctor who attributed his well-being to Amaranth, I set on my own journey with amaranth oil. I noticed a newfound vitality within me – incorporating amaranth oil seemed to unlock a latent energy in me, reducing inflammation caused by old injuries, rejuvenating my body, spirit, and resilience. I decided to put my passion for Amaranth into Wellmar, dedicating myself to promoting Amaranth products and fostering a lifestyle of holistic well-being.” – Mark Sibilia, Founder

To validate these experiences, Sibilia looked to the work of Professor Rob Myers, a highly respected figure who has spent three decades researching the wonders of the amaranth plant and the publisher of “Amaranth…An Ancient Grain and Exceptionally Nutritious Food.” The Wellamar team connected with Dr. Myers and additional Amaranth researchers including Professor Svetlana Mykolenko, a Senior Researcher at the ETH Zurich Institute, and Olexandr Duda, President of The Amaranth Association in Ukraine to unravel the hidden treasures of Amaranth.

Renowned for pioneering advancements for optimal health and aesthetics, Dr. Jame Heskett, continues, “I have integrated amaranth into my daily wellness routine for years. Its wide reaching benefits include improving inflammation, digestion, immune system and reducing fine lines. This nutrient rich grain has not been touted enough. Wellamar’s innovative gummies and oils add an exciting dimension and make daily use easy and convenient.”

The Wellamar collection includes:

  • Glow: 100% Pure Amaranth Oil Drops ($29.95): A premium cosmetic oil designed for use on the skin, hair and joints for healthy, glowing skin and strong, lustrous hair.
  • Nourish: 100% Pure Amaranth Oil Drops ($39.95): A premium dietary supplement rich in essential omega fatty acids, antioxidants and free radical scavengers that support overall health and wellbeing.
  • Pure: 100% Amaranth Oil Gummies ($39.95): A dietary supplement containing a high concentration of Squalene-rich Amaranth Oil in an easy to take and delicious gummy.
  • Bloom: Amaranth Oil & Collagen Gummies ($35.95): A dietary supplement combining the health benefits of Amaranth Oil enhanced with the complementary effects of a collagen boost.
  • Revive: Amaranth Oil & Vitamin D + Zinc Gummies ($35.95): A dietary supplement combining the health benefits of Amaranth Oil enhanced with the immunity-boosting effects of Vitamin D & Zinc.

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