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MONROE, Conn., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Elidah, a leading FemTech company with the first non-invasive device to treat incontinence at home, announced today that CVS Pharmacy online is its chosen retail partner to carry its innovative ELITONE® product. Women dealing with urinary incontinence now have convenient, over-the-counter access to this FDA-cleared incontinence treatment. ELITONE allows women to treat their bladder leaks rather than simply covering them up with pads or diapers. 30% of women over the age of 30 leak urine when they sneeze, cough and exercise (known as stress urinary incontinence), and ELITONE provides a convenient and effective solution to eliminate those embarrassing accidents.

Elidah chose as its first retail partner because of CVS’s market leadership and commitment to improving patient access to healthcare products and services. "CVS is a trusted company that provides top quality products and health information." says Elidah’s CEO Gloria Kolb, "Many women aren’t familiar with treatment options for bladder leaks. Positioning ELITONE alongside incontinence pads and liners provides a tremendous opportunity to educate these women about the benefits of treating their incontinence rather than just managing the symptoms."

ELITONE performs Kegel pelvic floor exercises, ensuring a woman’s muscles have the necessary strength to stop urine leaks. Although medical devices to strengthen the pelvic floor are not new, they have always required use of a vaginal probe. This required the user to find the time and privacy to lie on her back for 30 minutes each treatment session, often in a clinician’s office. ELITONE does not require any invasive insertion. It is thin, discreet, and worn externally, which allows the user to get dressed and stay active during treatment.  In a published clinical study, women who used ELITONE 20 minutes a day for just six weeks saw a 72% reduction in bladder leaks and 85% reduction in pad use. On average, these women were incontinent for eleven years prior to ELITONE treatment. Because ELITONE is completely non-invasive, women who may have previously opted out of more invasive treatments now have access to a proven treatment that allows them to regain control of their bladder.

ELITONE is FDA-cleared to treat female stress urinary incontinence and is available without a prescription at ( and directly from Elidah (

About Elidah
Elidah is a women-owned medical device company, largely funded with support from the National Science Foundation.  Elidah was founded in 2014, with founders from MIT, Stanford and Rennselaer, to develop innovative therapeutic solutions that integrate recent advances in wearable devices, biomaterials, and mobile interfaces. 

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