Notable Life Sciences Companies, America’s Finest (AF) and Top Topicals (TT) Join Forces

DENVER, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — America’s Finest (AF) and Top Topicals merged today creating a diversified enterprise. The new and stronger entity will capture value at all levels of the Life Science industry in topicals, consumables, and beverage product lines. The dynamic partnership is poised to expand operations and distribution throughout the Americas and beyond. America’s Finest and Top Topicals detail highlights of the merger and expected accomplishments for 2021 while continuing movement toward massive growth and sales.

Management’s combined experience will ensure customers have a level of proficiency that is never found in one location. Expert services include a full creative agency for brand development, a gifted scientific team to formulate new products, a practiced marketing plan, and strategic relationships with large distribution channels globally. Management aims to positively impact customers while opening up new markets worldwide.

This strategic partnership will promote management’s control of internal assets applying strong leadership, mentorship, and process management to drive transparency, ethics, compliance, certifications, innovation, product safety, quality, and superior customer service. 

The 8 brands include; America’s Finest, Top Topicals, Athletes Tape, Steady CBD, Be Well Dexter, Swing Well Labs, Upstart Kombucha, and Kinisi Performance. All are well-conceived, scalable, shelf-ready brands with significant POS materials, have defined target audiences, established customer base, large distribution channels, as well as tier-one brand ambassadors. AF’s integrated, pedigreed team is applying their expertise, vast experience, and industry relationships to ensure forecasted growth and EBITDA objectives are met in an effort to execute on their pending IPO later this year.

“This is the event, which the industry has been waiting to unfold for quite some time. Having eight stellar brands and counting, coupled with a massive global distribution channel, and a proven team who are all experts in their defined roles creates a recipe for success like none other seen before in this industry. This is truly a first,” stated Cliff Henley, CEO of America’s Finest.

“From an operational standpoint, the integration of the two organizations has been seamless. AF and TT possess a rare cultural fit with no duplication of resources. Now we are ready to be the industry leader on a global level,” stated Troy Daniels, President, and COO of America’s Finest.

Additionally, AF will officially open its Series “A” round this week in an effort to fuel the rapid growth and expansion of all 8 brands.

About America’s Finest
America’s Finest is a manufacturer and finished goods producer in the Life Sciences industry specifically focused on health and wellness. Both existing symptom-based, as well as prevention and maintenance. AF provides end-user products of the highest quality and efficacy in the industry. Improving the quality of life and living through applied sciences is at the core of who we are and what we do. From beverages with a purpose, topical solutions from head to toe, and tinctures that truly deliver desired results, America’s Finest provides true science-based solutions for the outside in, as well as the inside out.

Cliff Henley CEO

Troy Daniels President and COO

America’s Finest
2525 West 6th Ave
Suite 201
Denver Co 80204

SOURCE America’s Finest LLC

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