Orbit Opts For Energy-Boosting Convenience

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbit Coffee is redefining the energy boost. Rather than requiring disposable cups, cans, bottles, or straws for consumption, the brand has created a convenient, spill-proof energy booster. The R&D team at Orbit Coffee has combined this ease of use with a formula designed for the optimal energy spike — and no crash after the fact.

Getting a cup of coffee has never been a spill-proof affair. Mugs are prone to sloshing. To-go cups can leak. Even canned coffee goods have to be monitored once they’ve been opened.

This lack of convenience with most energy-boosting beverages is what inspired the team at Orbit Coffee to use pouches to deliver their liquid energy to consumers. Rather than going with a sealed can or plastic bottle, the brand has filled small 0.85 fl oz pouches with a punchy coffee-based concoction that delivers 133 mg of caffeine in a single mouthful.

The pouch approach has enabled Orbit Coffee drinkers to avoid the need to use a straw, monitor an open can, or stuff a bulky plastic bottle into a purse or bag. Instead, an Orbit Coffee pouch can be slipped into a bag pocket, purse, or backpack where it can be kept on hand, ready for consumption the moment an energy slump strikes.

As innovative as it is, Orbit Coffee’s convenient delivery isn’t even the product’s primary selling point. The energy booster prides itself on a unique blend of ingredients that lean heavily on, in the words of the brand, “Maca root, a calibrated mixture of fast carbohydrates (fructose and dextrose) and slow carbohydrates (maltodextrin and isomaltulose).” These energy- and cognition-enhancing ingredients are combined with a delicious coffee flavor with an added hint of Italian chocolate that creates the perfect boon in times of tiredness.

Built on a solid commitment to provide an effective and long-lasting energy boost, Orbit Coffee has gone above and beyond to not only deliver on its promises but do so in a manner that is supremely convenient to consumers. This has clearly resonated with the public, as the product has performed well thus far and has even recently expanded overseas into the larger North American marketplace.

About Orbit Coffee: The Orbit Coffee brand was created as a part of Cleverit Corp, a company owned and operated by Ethic Sport. While the leading Italian sports nutrition brand founded the company and product, Orbit Coffee itself is targeted at a much larger audience. It has been created with professionals, athletes, and consumers of all kinds in mind.

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