PDO Max’s Director of Training, Dina BenDavid, Featured on ‘The Doctors’ Showcasing Her Lifted, Upturned Eye Technique

LIVERPOOL, N.Y., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Model Bella Hadid’s signature lifted eye look has recently made waves as the new trend in aesthetics. Dina BenDavid, PDO Max Director of Training and Clinical Development, shows off her technique using PDO Max threads to get that same look, on a recent episode of The Doctors. 

In the episode that aired September 23, Dina explains how polydioxanone (PDO) threads are placed under the skin to open up the eye frame, providing an instant lift. As we age, the brow starts to descend, and PDO threads provide a non-invasive, non-surgical solution to lift the tissue.  

Although many have associated the procedure with Bella Hadid, it has been around before the supermodel popularized it. Sometimes known as a "cat-eye thread lift" because of its intense look, Dina has taken a different spin on this trend and calls her PDO thread technique the Angel Brow Lift™. "I strive to enhance the natural brow shape, not change it or eliminate the arch," Dina states. The procedure aims to "…lift the brows and subtly enhances the arch and opens the eye frame," Dina explains. This results in eyes and brows that have more of a "doe-eyed" look. "Hence the "angel" reference," Dina says.  

Considered to be a quick- under 15 minutes- cosmetic procedure, it gives a prominent-looking eye that many are wanting to replicate. A licensed medical professional will make small entry holes around the brow and eye area with a needle. They then place the dissolvable thread in the entry holes to begin the lifting process. The thread has microscopic barbs that allow it to attach to the skin. Once pulled to the right angle, the thread is tacked in place.

As Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors said in the episode, "You want an expert in passing threads, not someone who does a couple [procedures]… the provider’s experience counts a lot."

"PDO Max trainers are the best in the industry," Dina exclaims. As someone who has been doing threads for over seven years herself, "Each trainer has years of experience in the medical or aesthetic field. Our trainers have fine-tuned their skills with our proprietary FDA cleared-in-cannula PDO threads."

About: PDO MAX, Inc. is headquartered in Liverpool, NY, and is a medical device provider for medical aesthetic needs in the U.S. PDO Max is the trusted provider of hundreds of medical practices utilizing its proprietary FDA cleared (K190245) Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, in-cannula, in their medical aesthetics practices. PDO Max offers both group and individual instructional courses, which cover the application of PDO techniques. For more information regarding PDO MAX threads, to place an order, or to attend an educational seminar, please contact PDO MAX at 800-670-0225 or visit https://www.pdomax.com.

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