PLAMECA Is Perfecting Phytotherapy

Born in Barcelona, the Spanish-Based Brand Has Spent Nearly 40 Years Investing in a Natural Approach to Health and Wellness

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The health and wellness movement has sparked an unprecedented interest in a natural approach to maintaining health and fitness, generating a multi-billion dollar market in the process. Innovation and scientific research have also made specific medical treatments via natural food supplements — something referred to as phytotherapy — more effective in recent years.

Cleveland Clinic specifically defines phytotherapy as “the use of plants or herbs to manage health conditions.” In other words, phytotherapy is the sophisticated name for the common practice of using nature’s ingredients to create effective plant-based therapies and health solutions.

While health and wellness have never been more popular in both national and global culture, there are some brands that have been focusing on a phytotherapy approach to wellness for much longer. PLAMECA is a company that has been perfecting phytotherapy for almost four decades.

“PLAMECA has been committed to your natural well-being since 1984,” declares the brand’s Managing Director, Óscar Fernández, “We have been in the phytotherapy business for going on 40 years, and we’ve used that time to accumulate a vast amount of experience and knowledge in our field.”

Over the years, PLAMECA’s consistent investment in scientific research and formulation has yielded a robust portfolio of products. Each of these uses natural ingredients and a targeted phytotherapy approach to address specific health concerns.

For instance, the company’s popular POLICOL ONE uses red yeast rice and guggul to help with cholesterol management. CURARTI COLAGTIUM is another example of an innovative supplement that provides an easy and accessible way to access a daily dose of marine collagen, turmeric, and vitamin C to support joint and bone health.

“PLAMECA has been perfecting phytotherapy for decades.” says Fernández. “If you’re looking for a natural health brand to source safe, effective, and science-backed food supplements, we have the track record to ensure that each product is the best natural solution to your health needs.”

About Plameca

PLAMECA is a phytotherapy company founded in 1984 with the initial intention of providing medicinal herbs and plants — which it did for 1,500 retailers across the Spanish geography. In 1994, PLAMECA expanded to manufacture its own food supplements, creating a range of products using herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Currently, PLAMECA products are manufactured in modern facilities using up-to-date scientific methods and are sold in 33 countries. The company has also invested $11 million in an aggressive expansion plan to expand its health and wellness focus over the next five years. Learn more at

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