Preteen Co-Authors Book For Children About Remembering One’s Value in Challenging Circumstances

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cydnee Buggs, a ten-year-old New York City public school student, has co-authored a book with her mother, New York State judge Cheree A. Buggs, entitled Don’t Forget…You’re Amazing! The book, aimed at readers between the ages of eight and ten, discusses various situations that young people experience–such as learning at a different pace than others, making mistakes, being considered different, losing a friend, and bullying–and emphasizes that one’s intrinsic value is still great, notwithstanding external circumstances.

Cydnee is a vibrant student who is gifted in the performing arts. She has frequently sung the National Anthem publicly, has acted in school plays, is proficient in six genres of dance, and plays the piano. Also, in November 2023, the fifth-grader was elected president of her school’s student council. Despite her talents and successes, she has occasionally had moments of feeling undervalued. Out of these moments, she and her mother conceived the idea of writing a book to uplift others, as well as to encourage and remind herself that one’s “amazingness” is untouched by life circumstances, specific events, or the views and words of others. “Everyone is unique and awesome in their own way, and I wanted to inspire kids like me to focus on the fact that they are still amazing even though life isn’t perfect,” Cydnee says.

Cydnee’s co-author, her mother Cheree–a New York State judge since 2008–said that in talking to Cydnee about certain experiences she was having, they both envisioned a collaborative effort to write the book. “We hope the book will inspire young people–and maybe some adults–to embrace their inherent value, even as they encounter life obstacles.”

Don’t Forget…You’re Amazing! is available on in paperback and Kindle formats.

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