Q3 – 2023 FastSpring Product Release: Achieving Subscription Growth, Faster

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FastSpring announces the release of three new groundbreaking features designed to turbocharge subscription revenue. 1ClickPay, Trial Hopping Prevention, and Offers API are designed to boost conversion rates and increase customer lifetime value. They also complement several other subscription focused capabilities FastSpring has released over 2023.

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New Growth & Retention Features


Designed to enhance the customers’ shopping experience, 1ClickPay streamlines the checkout process, reduces purchase friction, and makes it easier than ever for customers to complete transactions.

Check out FastSpring’s 1ClickPay product announcement.

Offers API

Offers API is a revenue catalyst that enables businesses to maximize revenue at every customer interaction. Whether it’s at the point of sale or point of cancellation, Offers API strategically surfaces upsell, cross-sell, add-ons, and alternative offers to prospective buyers.

Want to implement Offers API? Take a look at the documentation.

Trial Hopping Prevention

With FastSpring, secure product-led growth with Trial Hopping Prevention. FastSpring doesn’t just prevent users from signing up for multiple trials with the same email — they also encourage customers to convert to a paid plan, maximizing the value customers receive from products.

As the leading merchant of record payment platform for SaaS and software companies, FastSpring lets you reduce your payments, subscriptions, entitlements, fulfillment, and tax management stack down to one. We manage all the hard parts of transacting globally allowing you to focus on moving your business farther, faster. Today, over 3,500 companies trust FastSpring to enable over 12 million transactions every year across the globe.

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