Rapid-Ease is a Green Cross Operation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid-Ease is a company with a vision. The US label is a subsidiary of the New Zealand health and wellness company Nature’s Nurse, which has been proudly creating innovative pain relief products for years. Throughout this time the enterprise has always operated on the assumption that each of its products should be 100% natural and chemical- and additive-free.

Rapid-Ease is a health and wellness brand that brings the powers of nature and science together. Founder Kim Davies-Haycock explains that the vision of her company is to create "natural, fast-acting solutions to common painful or pesky problems." In pursuit of this goal, the brand has developed a line of topical solutions that use herbal ingredients. Each of these products adheres to four guiding principles. Davies-Haycock breaks down this quartet of standards as a desire for each product to be "fast, effective, safe, and natural."

Following this formula, Rapid-Ease and its parent enterprise Nature’s Nurse have created products that address everything from sports-related muscle and joint injuries to pain relief for pregnant women and children and even head lice treatments. All of these solutions are driven by tried and true herbal remedies that have been scientifically optimized for the best results.

While effective, family-friendly pain relief has always been the focus, Rapid-Ease has also made it abundantly clear that it prizes sustainability, as well. This is subtly tipped off via the brand’s label, which centers on a green cross with a green leaf. This represents the company’s "Green Cross philosophy."

This viewpoint includes using only 100% natural, effective, plant-based alternatives in Rapid-Ease products. The brand refuses to dabble in nasty additives or harmful chemicals. Instead, proven herbal ingredients are utilized at therapeutic levels that really work. This makes each product a bonafide natural alternative to the pharmaceutical first aid and treatment products associated with a red cross.

The well-established New Zealand-based enterprise has recently entered the U.S. market. Its entire New Zealand product line isn’t yet available, but the company has already brought its popular Rapid-Ease Pain Relief Cream to the aid of active American consumers seeking temporary pain relief. This can consist of anything from a simple backache to bruises, sprains, and strains. The cream can even help reduce the swelling caused by mild arthritis.

The track record and efficacy of the popular New Zealand brand is highly attested to by its existing customers. As its products become more widely available to an informed American public, the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability indicates that a new following of North American devotees may figure into the company’s future, as well.

About Rapid-Ease: Rapid-Ease is an American health and wellness label operating under its parent company, Nature’s Nurse, which was launched over 15 years ago by medical herbalist Kim Davies-Haycock. Haycock’s company has become a household name in its native country of New Zealand where it has faithfully served the athletic and family communities with effective herbal pain relief throughout its existence.

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