Relief is in Sight! COOLCURA Ice Therapy Officially Launches on Kickstarter Today

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After an incredible, positive response at the Natural Products Expo East trade show last month, COOLCURA, the unique FENG FU ICE THERAPY product solution, is now making its official launch via Kickstarter today. COOLCURA’s products provide a comfortable and easy-to-use method of reaping the benefits of Feng Fu Ice Therapy, which is an ancient acupuncture technique believed to bestow numerous health benefits that may promote health and well-being. The new, innovative line is now available only on Kickstarter for the next 30 days with the goal of raising $10,000.

The Feng Fu Spot, located where the end of the neck and base of the skull meet, was recognized in Chinese Medicine as an important pressure point for overall health and well-being. Modern medicine confirms that the Feng Fu Spot is nerve central for many of the nerves controlling blood supply. Applying ice to your Feng Fu spot for 15 to 20 minutes is believed to cause your body to respond by releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, resulting in a euphoric, relaxed feeling. However, placing ice cubes directly on this spot can be cumbersome and messy, until now. The COOLCURA line of products have been uniquely designed with convenience and accessibility in mind to provide users with the desired benefits of Feng Fu Ice Therapy.

Developed by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Brian Adams and Barbara Canellis, COOLCURA and COOLCURA PRO are engineered and designed to take advantage of the health and wellness benefits associated with Feng Fu Ice Therapy. The COOLCURA devices feature a unique design that allows anyone to experience Feng Fu Ice Therapy, without the mess of melting ice or the difficulty of holding the ice in the correct location. Feng Fu Ice Therapy is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, one uses the reusable stainless steel ice pod. The coldness cools down inflammation and quickly and effectively delivers the desired results.

"For my family, the benefits of Feng Fu Ice Therapy have been remarkable and dramatic," explains Barbara Canellis. "Our family has used Feng Fu Ice Therapy to combat pain, fatigue, stress, headaches, and to help us simply feel better," she added. Barbara was first introduced to Feng Fu Ice Therapy when her son Austin suffered a panic attack when she was helping him remove his wound packing following a surgical procedure. Barbara placed an ice pack on the back of his neck at the base of his skull, and in seconds, Austin returned to normal and was embraced by a sense of calm. This experience was the catalyst that started Brian and Barbara’s COOLCURA journey.

Realizing there was no product on the market that leveraged this type of therapy, Barbara and Brian worked with an experienced product development team and manufacturing partner to create the COOLCURA product line. "I have experienced many benefits since I began making Feng Fu Ice Therapy part of my daily routine and hope to offer others the opportunity for similar experiences and benefits," adds Brian.

Barbara and Brian are thrilled to launch their campaign in support of COOLCURA and COOLCURA PRO and look forward to building excitement and interest in this new line. Backers are encouraged to support the campaign on Kickstarter through one of the various pledge options.

"Our goal is to bring Feng Fu Ice Therapy to as many people as possible so they can experience firsthand many of the same health and well-being benefits my family has enjoyed," concludes Barbara.

For additional information, please visit and follow COOLCURA on Facebook.

COOLCURA puts a modern twist on traditional Feng Fu Ice Therapy. COOLCURA’s products provide a comfortable, easy to use method to enjoy the many benefits associated with Feng Fu Ice Therapy, to allow you to sit back and let the cooling effect ease your mind, body, and soul. Release, Relax, Refresh to Soothe your Mood.

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