Renowned Chef Adrianne Calvo Expands Brand with Exclusive Clothing Merch Line for Culinary and Travel Enthusiasts

MIAMI, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrity chef, restaurateur, podcaster, and television personality Chef Adrianne Calvo has announced the launch of a unique clothing merch line tailored exclusively for culinary and travel enthusiasts, reflecting her passion for both food and exploration. The collection features high-quality apparel and accessories designed to appeal to those who share Chef Adrianne’s love for culinary experiences and adventure.

Drawing inspiration from her own journey as a chef, restaurateur, and traveler, Chef Adrianne has carefully curated a line of stylish and functional clothing to cater to the needs of those who appreciate good food and the thrill of exploration. The collection, made in America using ethically grown and harvested US cotton, includes a variety of soft style t shirts and hoodies displaying witty kitchen lingo and travel sayings.

“I am thrilled to introduce this unique clothing merch line, as it represents my personal fusion of two great passions: cooking and travel,” said Chef Adrianne Calvo. “This collection is designed for those who, like me, find joy in exploring new flavors and cultures, and I am excited to share it with fellow enthusiasts.”

The line is available exclusively through Chef Adrianne’s website, providing her community with the opportunity to own a piece of her culinary and travel-inspired lifestyle. For updates and release information, please visit

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