RETISIO Inc. Elevates Security Standards with ISO 27001 Certification

FRISCO, Texas, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RETISIO Inc., a global leader in eCommerce solutions, proudly announces the achievement of the ISO 27001 Certification for its wholly-owned subsidiary, RETISIO India. This landmark certification signifies a new era of excellence and security for RETISIO’s development arm.

RETISIO Inc.’s commitment to providing secure and innovative solutions to its customers has been further cemented by achieving this internationally recognized certification. The ISO 27001 Certification emphasizes RETISIO’s dedication to implementing the highest standards in information security management.

The certification was awarded to RETISIO India, marking a significant accomplishment for the development team. It demonstrates the robust security practices and rigorous process improvements that have been implemented in alignment with RETISIO Inc.’s vision.

“At RETISIO, our commitment to security is a way of life,” said Avinash Chandrakar, Chief Operations Officer. “This certification is a validation of our processes as we endeavor to being ahead of industry best practices.”

This certification brings unparalleled benefits to RETISIO Inc.’s customers, showcasing the company’s dedication to protecting sensitive information and ensuring robust security protocols. Clients can now enjoy enhanced confidence in RETISIO Inc.’s services, knowing that the latest international standards in information security management are being employed.

“Security is the cornerstone of digital commerce,” said Tony Moores, RETISIO’s Chief Technology Officer. “We cannot truly value our customers without valuing their trust, so information security processes are an integral part of our operations and software development cycle. Our ISO 27001 certification reflects our commitment to security in our product and our workplace.”

The accomplishment further positions RETISIO Inc. as an eCommerce industry leader, highlighting its ability to innovate while adhering to international standards of excellence and security. The ISO 27001 Certification through RETISIO India emphasizes RETISIO Inc.’s resolve to remain at the cutting edge of eCommerce technology, delivering secure software solutions on which its customers and partners can rely and trust.

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RETISIO Inc. is a premier provider of eCommerce solutions, renowned for its groundbreaking products and technology innovation. With a global presence and a specialized development arm in RETISIO India, the company continues to set industry standards through continuous improvement and steadfast commitment to excellence.

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