Revolutionary Eyeglass Maker ThinOptics Eliminates the Guesswork in Reading Glasses with The Clarity Kit

SONOMA, Calif., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Once upon a time, consumers would visit the drug store in search of the right reading glasses with no way to know for certain which pair was best for them. Present-day, many people still face this quandary in stores and online, often making no decision at all to avoid the hassle or the fear of making the wrong decision. That’s history now. As of today, people who need a little help with seeing more clearly can get their eyewear needs right the first time thanks to ThinOptics’ Clarity Kit. 

Since the launch of ThinOptics’ very first ultra-thin reading glasses in 2015, they’ve been disrupting the $4 billion US & global eyewear industry. Thanks to their patented, groundbreaking technology they help those suffering from presbyopia (age-related vision deterioration) with quality, style, and convenience.

Not resting on their laurels, the ThinOptics engineering team continues to develop new innovations to deliver powerful vision solutions to eager customers worldwide.

Earlier this year, the company conducted a survey that revealed that many people abandoned their shopping carts on their website because they were unsure what strength reading glasses they needed. Those insights were crucial in helping ThinOptics determine the need for a product with unmatched convenience that makes it easier for people to identify which strength reading glasses will help them see more clearly.

The Clarity Kit allows customers to test ThinOptics glasses in the comfort of their own homes, giving them the opportunity to try out different glasses with different strengths – all at once eliminating the trouble of buying and returning multiple pairs of reading glasses until the right eyewear is discovered.

ThinOptics has also eliminated the hassle of returns with the Clarity Kit. Each pair of reading glasses comes in its own sleeve, complete with a coupon connected QR Code. Customers are encouraged to find the right pair for their own eyes, then gift the remaining pairs to friends, coworkers, or family members. Recipients can then scan the QR Code for a discount on their first purchase.

As a result, ThinOptics reinvented the way people shop for reading glasses as only they could.

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About ThinOptics
Born in Silicon Valley, ThinOptics reading glasses are created from medical device materials, like the super-elastic memory-metal alloy used for heart stents, and incredibly slim, bulletproof-strong polycarbonate lenses. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies create a consistently high-quality and affordable product. When not in use, ThinOptics’ ultra-durable reading glasses are housed in one of several ingenious cases (with equally miniscule footprints) that are the perfect size to attach to your cell phone, laptop, television remote, or any flat, non-porous surface. ThinOptics reading glasses are not a gadget; they’re a revolutionary new vision platform. The company’s engineering team continues to develop new innovations to deliver powerful vision solutions to their ever-growing customer base.

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