RighteouSouls Strives to Combat Negativity During Times of Unrest and Uncertainty

MINNEAPOLIS, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The death of George Floyd rocked the city of Minneapolis and rippled across the country. Now, the city is re-living the incident during the trial of Derek Chauvin. Following Floyd’s death, RighteouSouls made it their mission to combat negativity and deliver positive messages through their apparel. Through their motivational line of clothing and accessories, RighteouSouls aims to make the world a better place and bring attention to mental health during these times of unrest.

“As a Black-owned business in Minneapolis, we wanted to start conversations about how our community and the world is taking care of their mental and emotional health,” says founder and CEO Robert Davis. “By asking these important questions, we can be a part of a movement that offers positive, uplifting answers to help change negative mindsets and inspire hope for a better tomorrow.”

In October 2020, RighteouSouls partnered with Best Buy and created shirts for employees to wear with the message “Together We Are One,” in hopes of encouraging unity and being intentional about holding space for all experiences and perspectives.

RighteouSouls created their brand as a response to a growing issue of neglected mental health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic and the civil unrest throughout our communities. “As the brother of a veteran with PTSD, I felt the need to help people through these difficult times in any way possible,” Davis says. “The encouraging and uplifting messages on our apparel is only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish with our brand.”

RighteouSouls believes in the power of positive words and encouragement and hopes that by spreading those words through their comfortable and trendy apparel, they can influence change throughout the Minneapolis community and beyond. By thinking outside the box, RighteouSouls aspires to inspire, to spread love, and to encourage all to live in peace.

About RighteouSouls

RighteouSouls is a Black-owned motivational clothing brand based in Minneapolis, MN founded in 2016 by Robert Davis. Over 10 years ago, Davis lost his father and his job, and he went through a divorce — all within a 3-month time span. Davis took this difficult time and created RighteouSouls with the goal of building a business rooted in spirituality and mental health that could spread messages of hope, peace, and love throughout their community and nationwide.

Learn more about RighteouSouls by visiting their website at www.RighteouSouls.com.

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Robert Davis

(612) 501-9553

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