ROBERT WUN and VANZTINA: A Revolutionary Alliance Ignites Paris Haute Couture Week SS24, Championing Avant-Garde Beauty

PARIS, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an electrifying showcase that defied every fashion norm, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS24 became the stage for an unprecedented collaboration between the visionary designer Robert Wun and the trailblazing invisible lingerie brand, Vanztina. Robert Wun, in his sophomore haute couture tour de force, presented a collection that was an ode to the beautifully fragmented and audaciously innovative.

This season’s pièce de résistance was not only Wun’s groundbreaking designs but also his inaugural collaboration with Vanztina. Seamlessly blending with Wun’s Spring/Summer 2024 vision, Vanztina ascended onto the global fashion stage, marking this partnership not merely as a fusion of creative minds but as a profound homage to the allure of nonconformist elegance.

The Celebration of Unorthodox Beauty

As the first Hong Kong-born luminary to cast his spell over Haute Couture Fashion Week, Robert Wun unveiled a narrative of femininity that was as empowering as it was unique. His designs are a sartorial rebellion, a toast to the singular beauty inherent in every woman. Vanztina, in tandem, champions a philosophy aimed at the invisible artistry of lingerie, crafting pieces that both compliment and elevate the myriad forms of female beauty. Together, they create a synergy that magnifies the magnetism of the unconventional.

Vanztina’s signature “both invisible and stylish” ethos, adored for its innovative spirit and acute fashion sensibility, has captured the hearts of influencers and celebrities alike, earning acclaim from fashion titans such as Xu Laoshi, Tang Yi, Anjilin, Zhou Yangqing, and featured in the celebrated live streams of Li Jiaqi. The brand’s flagship One Piece Cotton breast sticker has become synonymous with comfort, non-slip security, and flattering form.

With a keen eye on the pulse of contemporary fashion, Vanztina tirelessly evolves its product range to meet the eclectic dressing needs of modern women. Their creations are not just undergarments but integral components of a wardrobe, empowering women to express their style narratives without constraint.

About Vanztina
Since its inception in 2011, Vanztina has dominated the invisible underwear sphere. Its relentless innovation has earned it the crown of TOP1 brand in Tmall breast patches industry sales for two consecutive years (2022-2023), with the One Piece Cotton breast patch reaching a landmark 3.5 million pieces sold. This success is a testament to Vanztina’s uncompromising quality and consumer insight.

(Stats courtesy of Taobao + Tmall, 2022-2023)

Beyond its domestic triumph, Vanztina is ambitiously extending its sartorial influence globally, leveraging e-commerce and international trade. With over 20 proprietary technologies and products, such as the Water VANZTINA SHAMPHINY® Gel and Jelly Cloud Breast Patch, Vanztina is not just leading; it’s revolutionizing the industry.

Vanztina’s support of Robert Wun’s runway showcase is a cross-industry coup, a testament to their shared aesthetic vision and understanding of beauty. It’s a partnership that seamlessly weaves together Vanztina’s brand ethos with Wun’s design narrative. As the fashion world looks on, we anticipate a future rich with such dynamic collaborations, each driving the industry toward new horizons of innovation and creativity.

Angelica H

SOURCE Vanztina