Robin Gargano's New Book "The Beauty Within Tragedy" Offers Stories of Vulnerability to Help Readers on their Healing Journey

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Robin Gargano‘s message is universally sound to everyone that has suffered – you can overcome anything because you choose to make your life worthwhile. Robin is a best-selling author of The BEAUTY Within Tragedy: How a RESILIENT Soul Can Turn Grief Into Gifts. People say that the inspiration for moving forward in their own lives is by watching one woman survive and thrive, which is an honor for Robin and a drive to spread the message of imperative suffering bestowing impactful blessings into their lives. "The single most important lesson I learned is that the worst time of your life can also be the most beautiful time of your life," Robin explains.

Robin’s mission is to unite the world in authentic harmony through vulnerable conversation and empathetic awareness. The major events all shaped the stance Robin takes on the world now. Her brother was an alcoholic and sporadic drug user, her body rejected every pregnancy with no reason any doctor could deliver. She lost her husband in a private plane crash and then lost her brother ultimately to his addiction even after striving to change his life for his daughters.

The book offers stories of vulnerability to hopefully make others feel that their stories of pain are relatable and ones that should also be shared for their healing journey. It doesn’t solve the problem of pain, but it offers strategies on how to use that pain as power for living a life of freedom and beauty. There’s awareness, acceptance, understanding lessons, and specific healing tools to maneuver through suffering to move forward.

Like 911, the pandemic has taught us many things, but it’s exemplary of our resiliency along with the breakthroughs, the rebuilds, and the rebounds. The book states that people are resilient beings if we believe in ourselves thus creating a whole and connected nation. It’s not about the "what if this virus was caught" it’s about "the virus happened, ok now what?" The acceptance of the occurrence is just as important as the event. Living in the past (the "what if") stunts the present and the future. If someone is stuck in the pain of the pandemic the book will shed light on how to get unstuck. That very pain will fuel the fire of resiliency and strength to power through the hardship of our times. To dwell is to diminish our strength as a culture and as individuals and we are not a nation of failure, we are a nation of freedom and that means we take our lives and make them exactly what we desire them to become.


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