Roses Natural Truly Prioritizes Both its Customers and the Planet

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roses Natural is a growing company that manufactures Plant-based Household Cleaners and Skincare Products. The company is a woman-owned operation that was launched by entrepreneur Roseline Okoro in 2018. From day one, Roseline has put every ounce of her energy and attention into putting both her customers and the planet before all else.

Roseline Okoro has made her natural soaps, cleaners, and other products ever since she moved to the U.S. from her childhood home in Nigeria. This was partly due to the lack of natural products available in the U.S. Roseline’s family had made these items from scratch when she was growing up, and she quickly found that the synthetic-based American alternatives exacerbated her dry skin and left her wanting something gentler.

Roseline had a degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Ohio State University, which gave her a unique level of confidence when it came to making her own formulas. When friends and family began requesting her homemade products, she decided to launch her own brand, Roses Natural.

After starting with a single, albeit popular, Dish Soap, Roseline found herself branching into various areas of the health and wellness market. She created body washes, bath bombs, hand soaps, glass cleaners, and more. 

Throughout this growth process, Roseline never lost sight of her objective: her customers. At each step and in every way, she has kept her business as customer-centric as possible. This starts with her products. Every product thus far has been handmade by Roseline herself and boasts a proud list of attributes including the fact that they’re:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Plant-based;
  • All-natural;
  • Kid-safe;
  • Sulfate-free;
  • Cruelty-free;
  • Vegan;
  • Scented with essential oils (No fragrance)

Along with her user-friendly, planet-conscious product line, Roseline wove care and attention into her company’s customer experience. Her website is clearly laid out with easy navigation, a smooth shopping experience, and 24/7 on-site customer service.

Roses Natural also has a free membership program called "Roses Perks." This allows customers to cash in on subscribe-and-save offers and even earn Roses Points which can be redeemed with future orders.

Roses Natural has managed to maintain the best aspects of an attentive small business, even as it has seen tremendous growth in the years since its inception. While the brand has already begun to push onto the national stage, Roseline continues to fiercely adhere to her customer-centric business model as she continues to happily create her handmade, natural, plant-based products for a rapidly growing audience.

About Roses Natural: Roses Natural was created by Roseline Okoro and launched in 2018. The company operates out of Katy, Texas. The brand combines Roseline’s passion for natural ingredients, developed during her childhood in Nigeria, and her scientific knowledge and training. Learn more about Roses Natural at

Please direct inquiries to:
Roseline Okoro 
(281) 810-7221

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