RUNHOOD Highlights the Importance of Backup Power Sources as Severe Storms Leave Hundreds of Thousands in the Dark

WALNUT, Calif., June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As severe weather events become more frequent, unpredictable, and destructive, RUNHOOD — the groundbreaking manufacturer of innovative power solutions — highlights the critical need to have a reliable backup power supply in case of emergencies.

Just this week, hundreds of thousands of people in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma were left without power for days after strong storms. Millions more are facing a record heat wave across the South that’s caused rolling power outages.

RUNHOOD’s patented line of modular portable power generators, stations, and banks is a key addition to any preparedness kit.

  • Battery powered stations keep phones and devices charged for communication, news, and weather alerts.
  • Powerful output allows for charging several appliances simultaneously.
  • Solar-charging options produce usable electricity while the grid is down.

Backup power sources are no longer a luxury item but a necessity for severe weather events, providing safety and security until power is restored.

Patented modular design offers industry exclusive options

RUNHOOD’s unique line gives customers power when they need it most, in ways other brands cannot deliver.

Unlike any other power station on the market, RUNHOOD’s external batteries can be swapped out on-the-go while using the power station. This key design difference gives the RUNHOOD line virtually unlimited extra battery capacity, as well as several other industry-exclusive features.

The swappable, external batteries can be used for powering more than just the power station. Each kit comes with snap-on adapters that turn the batteries into mini-USB or AC power banks.

RUNHOOD also makes using solar power easier than ever before by offering the ease of charging spare batteries directly by solar panel. With this feature, customers can use their power station to charge devices and run appliances at one location while refilling spare batteries with solar energy outside at another location.

Newest, most powerful station in RUNHOOD line shipping soon

The powerful, all-new Rallye 1200 is in the final stage of its Kickstarter campaign. Purchases made now will be part of the first guaranteed shipments of Rallye 1200 to customers starting in August.

The Rallye 600 along with the modular Nano and Seri 100 Solar Panel are all available now online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.


RUNHOOD brings to market an industry exclusive line of portable power products built around swappable battery technology. This innovative difference offers customers virtually unlimited extended battery capacity and endless power.

Founded in 2021, RUNHOOD is the winner of a Golden Pin Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Design Award.

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