San Diego Healthcare Worker Sanitizing and Disinfecting New Business will Combat COVID by the Use of Natural and Botanical Solutions Released From a Fogging Apparatus

SAN DIEGO, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áSergeant Bio Cleanz, a sanitizing and disinfecting service based in San Diego, California, announced that it will use non-toxic safe methods to combat COVID-19 effectively. The company is ready to provide its services to various locations around the area immediately.

The latest announcement is geared towards providing a completely natural and safe method to disinfect commercial businesses, schools, daycares, medical and dental offices, country clubs, nursing facilities, and more.

With the use of hypochlorous acid in a solution, the company will use an effective and safe method called fogging to disinfect buildings and spaces. Hypochlorous acid is made of salt, vinegar, and electrically-charged water, and is already used in healthcare, water treatment, and general sanitation. The acid is EPA-approved.

Fogging can reach cracks most traditional cleaning methods cannot get into. Due to the acid’s completely natural composition, mild ingestion will not pose any risks to any person’s health. Only excessive amounts of the acid will start to become dangerous to the human body.

Sergeant Bio Cleanz will use fogging to disinfect a location and ask that the target space be evacuated for at least 30 minutes. It is also recommended that fogging be done regularly to keep the location free of viruses and bacteria. Fogging is particularly effective against airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, Influenza, and many more.

Occasionally, a Botanical solution derived from thyme oil approved by the EPA will also be used. It is separate from the use of hypochlorous acid to disinfect the target location.

Sergeant Bio Cleanz is certified in OSHA COVID-19 awareness and prevention plus Infection and Disease Control. It has the capabilities to disinfect any enclosed location through fogging. The company is currently open to working for clients in the San Diego area.

Founder of Sergeant Bio Cleanz Wilma Guion-Abdelaziz, a Healthcare Frontline worker, says “Since this pandemic we all have felt that we were being held hostage by this virus. I am happy to offer a service that combats COVID and perhaps gives the people a little more peace of mind in the environment they enter.”

Interested parties can contact Sergeant Bio Cleanz at:
Telephone number: (619) 679-8374

Summary: San Diego, California company Sergeant Bio Cleanz employs a fogging method that uses botanicals and natural solutions to combat COVID-19 and other pathogens.

SOURCE Sergeant Bio Cleanz

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