Sandra Plasencia’s Cosmetics Are Stopping Father Time

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Sandra Plasencia label is a growing line of cosmetics products created by the eponymous founder of the brand. Sandra Plasencia opened her own beauty spa, Havana Nights Nails & Spa, in April of 2004, shortly after she immigrated to the U.S. from her home country of Cuba. In the intervening years, the entrepreneur and medical esthetician learned the ins and outs of the American cosmetics industry. She also built a loyal fanbase in her new hometown of Chicago that was made up of, in the words of Plasencia, "clients of different ethnic backgrounds, but mainly Latino women who, in their majority, love to look good."

In June of 2020, after nearly two decades of business, Plasencia rebranded her growing company to Casa Sandra. In that same year, she also officially launched Sandra Plasencia, a line of beauty and skincare products inspired by her extensive experience catering to her customers.

Whether through her brick-and-mortar Chicago spa or her growing national online presence, Plasencia has maintained her initial vision throughout her years in business. She explains this as twofold.

First, Plasencia is relentless with the message that "you have only one skin, take care of it!" It’s a mantra that she regularly couples with the reminder that "aging is inevitable, doing so gracefully is a matter of choice."

In other words, Plasencia’s goal has never been to sell snake oil products or shallow services in the name of consumer vanity. Her objective has always revolved around perpetually aiding her customers in the battle to preserve what they have.

This has created a deep sense of loyalty and appreciation for those who patronize Plasencia’s brands. Her new line of cosmetics has been particularly important in maintaining her success during the pandemic.

Many of her customers who depended on Plasencia’s thoughtful care and visionary products found that they couldn’t come in for their regular appointments during quarantines. By releasing her own label, Plasencia has enabled her existing customers to bring her dynamic anti-aging formulas right into their own homes. By establishing her own line of physical products, sold through her online storefront, Plasencia has also tapped into a much wider public than was previously possible with her geographically limited Chicago spa.

At this point, the sky’s the limit for Sandra Plasencia (both the woman and the brand.) Her products continue to find new users as homebound, health-conscious consumers across the U.S. discover Plasencia’s simple yet effective vision to take good care of what you already have.

About Casa Sandra: Casa Sandra was launched in 2020 by Sandra Plasencia. The company was a relabeling of her Chicago spa Havana Nights Nails & Spa. The rebranding also coincided with the launching of owner Sandra Plasencia’s self-named cosmetics label. Both enterprises focus on helping women care for their skin, preserve their natural beauty, and always look their best. You can learn more about Sandra Plasencia’s products on her website,

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