SD Bullion, Inc Named Top 100 Online Retailer

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Commerce 360 recently released their list of Top 500 online retailers for 2023. SD Bullion was named #96 on that list as well as #3 in the Hobbies category. This puts SD Bullion near online giants like CVS, 1-800 Contacts, Microsoft and many more.

“Yet another great achievement for our company. We were recognized last year for the third time by Inc. Magazine and to be recognized as a top 100 online retailer puts us in the midst of spectacular companies that have existed and grown for decades,” explains founder Dr. Tyler Wall. “It’s one thing to be a smaller company and achieve remarkable growth like we’ve been able to do from the beginning. It’s much more difficult to sustain healthy growth over a decade.”

Every year, Digital Commerce 360 collects comprehensive data and compiles a list of the top 500 online retailers. Each year they release that list; at the very top is Amazon, Apple and Walmart. Those names won’t surprise anyone.

However, when you find a gold and silver bullion dealer like whose business objective is to provide real, sound money to the people at best in class value ranked 96th, that gets everyone in the precious metals space quite excited as it shows what is capable through dedication to value and service to customers who have grown used to Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium being made available at excellent prices.

“Demand for precious metals has really taken off since the pandemic,” says Chase Turner, CEO. “More people are waking up every day to the reality of our financial destiny. They go to the grocery stores and see pricing on everything much higher than it was even a couple of years ago. Everywhere they look they see higher prices. In simple terms, they realize the value of the dollars they hold in their bank account are decreasing at a rapid rate. Therefore, they turn to gold in hopes to preserve the purchasing power of their savings and offer diversity in what otherwise can be a monochromatic investment portfolio with enhanced risk.”

About SD Bullion:

Founded in 2012 by two doctors, SD Bullion, Inc has become the third largest online Precious Metals Dealer in the U.S.A. by offering the lowest prices on gold, silver and platinum bullion prices and an easy-to-use online platform. They also provide investors with live spot metals prices, as well as historical gold and silver price charts. To learn more visit

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