“SELENEE Unveils Groundbreaking ‘I’ Collection, Redefining Fashion with a Fusion of Nature and Technology, Poised to Steal the Spotlight at New York Fashion Week 2024”

MIAMI, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SELENEE, the avant-garde luxury fashion brand, is captivating the fashion scene with its latest ‘I’ Collection—a remarkable blend of nature-inspired designs and cutting-edge technology. With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional, SELENEE is set to make waves at New York Fashion Week 2024.

At the core of the ‘I’ Collection is a celebration of individuality and a bold departure from conventional fashion norms. SELENEE’s artistic director, MT Yang, and chief designer Claire Zhao, have ingeniously crafted each piece to tell a story of liberation and empowerment. Drawing inspiration from the historic confinement of women’s legs in crinolines during the Middle Ages, the collection symbolizes a contemporary liberation, with designs that empower women to break free from societal constraints and return to their authentic nature.

The ‘I’ Collection introduces an innovative 480-degree inward rotating sleeve structure, utilizing materials like medical silicone gel, fine-spun fabric wool, metal, and distinctive handmade and 3D printed elements. The result is a visually stunning and unique style that seamlessly blends contrasting materials and techniques.

Black takes center stage as the primary color, chosen strategically by Yang and Zhao to convey a sense of power and vitality within the simplicity and elegance of the hue. Neutral tones, metallic accents, and contrasting colors are skillfully incorporated to achieve a harmonious balance in every detail, creating a collection that is both visually striking and conceptually rich.

SELENEE’s dedication to responsible and sustainable practices shines through in their choice of materials and production methods. The brand’s ethos aligns with a broader commitment to challenge the status quo and embrace innovation, not only in design but also in the quest for a brighter and more sustainable future.

For a closer look into the collection and behind-the-scenes insights, explore SELENEE’s Media Kit and discover high-resolution runway and backstage images here.

Join SELENEE on a journey of restoration, revival, and rebirth, as they represent those who dare to challenge the norm, embracing the authentic pursuit of dreams through innovative breathtaking designs.

For more information visit https://www.selenee.co/company or check out SELENEE’S Instagram


SELENEE is a cross-disciplinary art brand that merges fashion with art and technology, breaking traditional boundaries and setting new trends. MT Yang, the founder and artistic director of SELENEE, is an installation artist and visual artist who is committed to exploring breakthrough creativity across disciplines. She believes that art combines opposing forces, integrates seemingly contrasting dimensions, highlights individuality and commonality, ultimately achieving a perfect balance. Visit www.selenee.co.


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