Sense-secure Launches the World’s First Carbon Monoxide NANO Sensor Sticker Called Sense-PRO 1

Convert Your Smartphone into an Instant advanced Carbon Monoxide Detector & Analyzer with Sense-PRO 1

RAMAT GAN, Israel, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sense-secure partnered with General Electric Research, USA, to develop the world’s first carbon monoxide Nano Sensor Sticker called, Sense-PRO 1. Sense-PRO 1 is a smart, wireless, CO sensor sticker that can operate without any power source. This one-of-a-kind sensor sticker is 0.1mm thick and 22mm in diameter, making it extremely smartphone friendly. Users can attach the sensor to the back of their smartphones and convert them into the most advanced Carbon monoxide detector and analyzer.

Sense-PRO 1 is a multi-purpose smart device that offers various professional applications. It can convert any ordinary smartphone into six advanced safety devices that can be accessed with just one-click (no training required), provides a simple and easy-to-understand solution with professional decipherment and diagnosis. Voice alert and subtitle feature is also available, making it user-friendly for both tech and non-tech geeks.

The six applications includes:

  1. Carbon monoxide Detector according to the user country’s standard.
  2. CO Meter, measuring and locating CO sources.
  3. Breath Analyzer for CO poisoning test, COHb% and FCOHb% in blood.
  4. Personal CO detector.
  5. Incomplete Combustion Flame Test for gas appliances.
  6. Vehicle Engine Emissions Analyzer.  

Sense-PRO 1 is considered revolutionary in terms of performance and features. It displays zero false alarms with 100% selectivity, an extensive sensing range with high accuracy, sensitivity and resolution.

Sense-PRO 1 is a durable device that can last up to ten years. The device works using non-invasive gas detection technology, communicating with the smartphone via NFC. It can measure the CO levels in the air at a distance of eight inches around the sensor in any direction, unlike commercial devices requiring the gas enter to the sensor chamber. NFC signals can travel through several materials, like granite, glass, plastic, wood, leather, etc. Sense-PRO 1 allows usage even when your phone is cover, inside a bag or on the table.

Sense-PRO 1 is built-in with an advanced processor and memory that automatically transfers the results of all gas measurements and analysis directly to the smartphone it is attached to, allows it works smoothly, without any lags or interruptions. The device automatically adjusts to fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

Dudi Bublil, the founder and CEO of Sense-secure, says, "We have created this multi-purpose smart device to foster a safe and healthy environment for everyone and reduce the risks of carbon monoxide accidents. This is why we partnered with General Electric (USA) to develop this revolutionary product. Another great thing about Sense-PRO 1 is that it is extremely convenient to use. Sense-PRO 1 is a stick-it & play with device. This means that you do not require any experience or any knowledge to use the device. All you need is to click the app, and you are good to go."

Sense-PRO1 is Made in the USA by General Electric and available for Android and iOS users, in 14 languages. It will be available for pre-order from the 11 of Aug, 2022, on the Sense-secure Official Website.

Media Contact:
David Bublil

SOURCE Sense-secure