Shoe Gummi Outer-Soles for High Heel Comfort are Back in Stock, Gaining Millions of Views Across Instagram & Tik Tok

Unlike any orthotic on the market, Shoe Gummi is changing the game for high heel enthusiasts in need of comfort

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2022  /PRNewswire/ — Shoe Gummi, the world’s first and only outer-sole designed to prevent foot discomfort caused by high heels is back in stock after gaining viral visibility on Tik Tok and Instagram, racking up millions of views, comments and shares across platforms. Last year, the company expanded their sizing to include small, medium and large and a pointed style to compliment the original rounded design. This June, Shoe Gummi launched their signature tan collection and a special red collection to accommodate their luxury cliente of Christian Louboutin shoe lovers.

Shoe Gummi CEO and inventor, Shantel Jackson, is the entrepreneur, model, influencer and former reality TV star behind the invention. After nearly a decade of product design, research and development, the company officially launched in 2019. Currently, the products ship worldwide and are available for purchase at

"I’m thrilled to see how much Shoe Gummi is being embraced and talked about by women and high heel wearers around the world. Women have been tagging us in their videos and sharing our posts with their friends and family who struggle with high heel pain," said Shantel Jackson, CEO & Inventor of Shoe Gummi. "I’m so glad to offer an innovative solution that is helping high heel wearers everywhere. Expanding our product line to include new colour additions, extended sizing and the pointed version have been part of my vision from the start," continued Jackson.

A 2021 Shoe Gummi Customer Satisfaction Survey revealed that high heels could be worn 4x longer with the outer-sole. Shoe Gummi can be applied to a wide range of heels with the exception of wedges, platforms and certain shoe bottoms as outlined on the website. The company has witnessed exponential social media growth with almost 90K followers on Instagram and Tik Tok and over 10 million views across both platforms with some viral videos gaining as much as 3 million views.

Shantel Jackson has graced the cover of multiple lifestyle and entrepreneurial magazines to speak on her unique invention from WOE-Preneur, Resilient Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine & more, she’s also been featured in notable publications such as Business of Fashion and Footwear News.

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Shoe Gummi is the world’s first outer-sole designed to prevent foot discomfort caused by high heels by relieving the pressure off the balls of the feet. It is the only orthotic of its kind. Proving the design’s originality as truly the first orthotic placed on the outside of a high heel, the company was successfully patented in 2018 and officially on the market in 2019.

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