South Asian Brand holiCHIC by Megha Takes the NYFW Stage for the First Time

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On September 12, 2021, Indo-Western fashion label, holiCHIC will showcase their exclusive NYFW collection in partnership with Flying Solo NYC for the first-time at New York Fashion Week. Founded by Megha Rao, holiCHIC is a South Asian female-led small business devoted to blending traditional Indian style with contemporary design.

The holiCHIC NYFW collection features a selection of womenswear and accessories designed by Megha Rao, and created by Indian artisans using century old hand embroidery techniques. With a goal to represent South Asian fashion and influence, eight looks from the brand’s collection will be showcased on the runway radiating the ‘New York meets Mumbai‘ fashion aesthetic the brand proudly represents.

"We want to showcase rich Indian textiles, fabrics, and designs on one of the most prestigious fashion runways in the world. I feel a sense of responsibility to showcase it at fashion week as a first-generation Indian-American," expresses Megha Rao, Founder and Designer. She explains, "South Asian fashion is absolutely beautiful and under-represented in mainstream fashion. We’re not just creating garments in India; we’re making sure the designs you see on stage represent the heritage & culture we’re so proud of. My dream has always been to see a saree showcased on the NYFW runway, now is the opportunity to make that dream a reality."

holiCHIC will be working with DJ USA for music and production, and Product of Culture for production assistance on the NYFW show.

The fashion label will also be hosting a NYFW pop-up shop on September 11th, located at 91 Crosby Street in Manhattan, featuring their indo-bohemian Fall collection, top sellers, and more.

Growing up as a first generation Indian American, designer Megha Rao was constantly inspired by her two contrasting worlds of East & West. This fuse was the driving force behind the creation of her brand, holiCHIC. Empowered by the vibrancy of South Asian culture, their designs are rich in detail, derived from century old Indian craftsmanship techniques, flattering silhouettes, hand dyed fabrics and intricate artisanal embroideries.

The brand’s mission is to keep South Asian culture alive through the expression of fashion. The label represents a thoughtful movement of creating meaningful garments for versatility and longevity. Allowing you to shop in a more meaningful, sustainable way, building your wardrobe with timeless staples you can wear season after season.

Notably, holiCHIC has evolved into much more than just a fashion brand, amassing a loyal community of (85,000+) women who have learned to own and embrace their unique identities. For more information visit or @holichichbymegha on social media.

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