Spice Tribe Partners With Celebrated Chef & Top Chef Alumnus Chef Tu David Phu to Create a Chef-Driven Vietnamese Pantry Kit

The Kit Includes Three Handcrafted Vietnamese Spice Blends and Two-Year Aged Fish Sauce by Son

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spice Tribe, an heirloom spice purveyor based in San Francisco, announces a new partnership with celebrated chef and Top Chef alumnus Chef Tu David Phu, a California-born first generation Vietnamese American and SF Chronicle Rising Star Chef from Oakland, who created three distinct Vietnamese spice blends along with a two-year aged premium fish sauce produced by Son. This exclusive spice blend and fish sauce bundle, only available at www.spicetribe.com, provides a genuine connection to the rich, diverse, and unique flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, giving home chefs the ingredients needed to create traditional dishes with nostalgic flavors. This collection includes a Multi-Purpose Phở Seasoning, All Purpose Lemongrass Blend, Nem Nướng Sausage Mix, and Son Premium Two-Year Aged Fish Sauce, and is available for $44.99 at https://www.spicetribe.com/product/chef-tus-vietnamese-pantry-kit.

"Working with Spice Tribe to create these spice blends allowed me to delve deeper into the nuanced flavors of Vietnamese cuisine by tasting and smelling a wide range of single-origin spices to create nostalgic flavor combinations that take the guesswork out of Vietnamese cooking," states Chef Tu David Phu. "I chose Lemongrass for this collection because it is one of the defining flavors of Vietnamese cuisine and is so versatile, adding a bright, citrusy favor to dishes, marinades, soups, and more. And with the Phở spice blend, I carefully handcrafted it to match my memory of taste of my family’s Phở," he goes on to say.

In addition to fresh herbs and spices, traditional fish sauce is indispensable in Vietnamese cooking. Chef Tu, working with family-owned fish sauce maker, Son, crafted a premium two-year aged fish sauce that adds alluring umami, earthy, and savory flavors, and is made with fresh wild-caught anchovy. Since1951, Son has been making traditional fish sauce from its island off the Southwest coast of Vietnam.

"At Spice Tribe, we believe flavors are transportive—whether it’s a dish that takes you back to when you were a kid or your favorite food memory that still lingers on your palate—food is a powerful connection to places, cultures, and our past," states Chef, Owner, and Chief Spice Blender Trent Blodgett of Spice Tribe. "This kit helps you effortlessly create the delicate balance of flavors and soul-warming aromatics that this cuisine is known for," he goes on to say.

Spice Tribe offers a wide range of ethically sourced single-origin spices, whole chilis, and unique chef-driven spice blends that connect your kitchen to delicious flavors of the world. Spice Tribe provides end-to-end chef-led product development, custom-blend, and private label consultation and innovation, as well as wholesale pricing for the trade. These spices have no GMOs, filler, or salt and are available in bottles and refill bags through its website and at select retailers. To learn more, visit  https://www.spicetribe.com/.

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Ashley Rodgers

SOURCE Spice Tribe