Strike Gold with West Coast Cure: Lucky Californians to Win Weed for a Year

Dive into West Coast Cure’s Captivating Contests and Enter to be Eligible to Win an Entire Year of Top Shelf WCC Cannabis for Just $4.20*

IRVINE, Calif., March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — West Coast Cure (WCC), a pioneering force and household name in the cannabis industry, is rolling out two exclusive contests tailored for the state of California. The cannabis brand offers an opportunity to win a year’s cannabis supply for $4.20*. Set to captivate cannabis aficionados, these contests run from March 29 through April 20, 2024 (for the UGC campaign) and June 1, 2024 (for the Diamond Tickets campaign), blending creativity and skill to celebrate California’s cannabis culture.

Participants can enter to be eligible to win in one of two ways: find one of the four Diamond Tickets secreted within 4 Jefferey 5-pack minis across participating retailers who carry the Jefferey 5-pack minis or unleash their creativity in the #WCCDIAMONDS UGC contest. Those lucky enough to discover a Diamond Ticket will be eligible to engage in a skills-based trivia contest to validate their win. Meanwhile, UGC participants are invited to craft the most creative photo or video featuring a gutted Jefferey, with the winner chosen by WCC co-founder JCURES based on their originality. Up to five lucky participants can win weed for an entire year for just $4.20, making this contest an unbeatable opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts.

“At West Coast Cure, we’re thrilled to connect with California’s weed community through these unique contests,” said Jonathan Jones, WCC’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s more than a competition; it’s a tribute to the creativity and passion that define our community. We’re excited to see participants’ innovative expressions of their passion for the plant, celebrating everyone from connoisseurs to casual enthusiasts and reinforcing our commitment to the culture.”

The contests spotlight the Jefferey Minis, a testament to West Coast Cure’s commitment to quality. These infused joints, with premium flower, THCa diamonds, and top-shelf kief, show WCC’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

With an expansive selection of 15 strains for the Jefferey 5-pack Minis, participants can explore a spectrum of experiences tailored to their tastes. The lineup includes iconic strains like Jack Herer, Blackberry Kush, and OG Kush, alongside delightful varieties such as Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Haze, and Frozen Cherries. For those who prefer a unique twist, there’s Gelato, Maui Waui, and Blue Dream, as well as dessert-inspired offerings like Strawberry Cream, Cereal Milk, Strawberry Shortcake, and Watermelon Zkittlez. This diverse range ensures that every cannabis connoisseur, whether seeking relaxation, invigoration, or a burst of creativity, finds their perfect match.

Participants and budtenders are encouraged to enter the contests, fostering a communal enthusiasm for California’s cannabis excellence.

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West Coast Cure is one of California’s oldest and finest cannabis brands. We are driven by a singular passion: to produce the highest-quality cannabis products on the market today at the most affordable prices. Consumers have come to trust West Coast Cure because of our decade-long experience in hunting and selecting the gassiest strains while fostering relationships with top cultivators and innovative wax artists. West Coast Cure is available at your local dispensary or delivery service in California.

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