Supporting Women, Minority, & LGBTW-Owned Businesses, Don Jones Assembles A-Team and Launches NYINI LUXURY

NEW YORK, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CREATING much needed opportunities for under-represented Women, Minority and LGBTQ-owned businesses, visionary retail executive and entrepreneur Don Jones has assembled an A-List executive team and launched NYINI LUXURY, a multi-faceted consumer brand management company. 

Committed to creating exceptional, differentiated experiences for its customers, NYINI LUXURY leverages the best people, product, and process to drive strong returns thatpay it forward”.

Drawing inspiration from the untapped talents of a diverse group of dynamic entrepreneurs who show tremendous promise and excel in their prospective industries, Don Jones has created NYINI LUXURY to help Women, Minority, and LGBTQ-owned businesses break through the pervasive barriers they’ve historically faced. By providing access to the right business networks, capital investment, and expert-level strategic management not readily afforded to them, NYINI LUXURY allows these entrepreneurs to chart new and robust pathways for growth.

“Today, Women, Minority, and LGBTQ-owned businesses receive less than 10% of available venture capital investment. This is something that just needs to change.”  – Don Jones

Leveraging their many years of experience and expertise in design, product development, merchandising, retail management, and sourcing, former Tiffany & Co. executives Jose Ayala and Jennifer Garfall along with retail development veteran Lisa Kapp have joined Don to bring NYINI LUXURY to life. Together, they provide the solid platform needed to support and grow these emerging businesses.

Founded in 2021, NYINI LUXURY supports Women, Minority, and LGBTQ-owned businesses, utilizing its strong affiliation with seasoned executives in the omni channel retailing space to provide a robust management platform. Its over-arching vision is to erase the impact of bias in business while driving outstanding growth. NYINI LUXURY continually attracts and engages customers while charting new revenue pathways for the under-represented through inclusive distribution channels that are relevant to today’s socially aware and conscious consumer.

To learn more about NYINI LUXURY please visit NYINILUXURY.COM

Press Contact:
Lisa Kapp, Chief Development Officer


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