Surfalite Sets New Design Standards for Custom Applications

VOLARGNE, Italy, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Surfalite, the groundbreaking 7MM stone surface by Santamargherita S.p.A, redefines the possibilities of luxury design, not just in architecture and interior design, or kitchen and bathrooms – but also in custom applications. Across private jets, yachts, luxury camper vans, retail spaces, restaurants, and hospitality venues, Surfalite emerges as a transformative force, encouraging designers of all sorts to break free from traditional constraints.

Unveiled at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2023, Surfalite isn’t just a surface; it’s a boundless canvas for unparalleled creativity. As the most advanced surface of its kind, Surfalite’s thinness of just 7mm and feather-light weight of 17kg/sqm are the hallmarks of a design revolution.

Michele Caneva, Vice President of Sales at Santamargherita, explains, “Surfalite’s thinness leads to incredible versatility for custom applications. Designers seeking new dimensions in their projects can now break free from the constraints of 2cm and 3cm slabs and create forward-thinking designs built for the future.”

Key Features

  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Weight: 17kg/sqm
  • Water Absorption: < 0.10%
  • Moh Hardness: 6-7 Mohs
  • Scratch Resistance: 120-180 mm
  • Chemical Resistance: cl. C4
  • Slab Dimensions: 330 x 165 x .7 cm

Surfalite’s applications extend far beyond traditional uses, making it the ideal choice for custom environments such as private jets, yachts, luxury camper vans, retail, restaurants, and hospitality spaces where efficiency is key. Less weight, less waste, less transportation cost, and less labor on handling and installation lead to more fuel efficiency, more savings, more value, and more sustainability.

Redefining Luxury Transportation
Land, sea, or air, Surfalite provides luxury without compromise. In interiors where every mm counts, not only does its slim profile allow it to clad any interior surface, but its subsequent light weight reduces the net weight of the vehicle it is installed in, leading to greater fuel efficiency. Owners of yachts, private jets, and RVs can now enjoy a luxury advanced surface without compromise.

Designing Tomorrow’s Retail Experiences:
In the world of retail, where aesthetics speak volumes, Surfalite becomes the medium for captivating displays. Its adaptability allows for unique and eye-catching designs that showcase products in the best light. Brands’ presences are elevated and customers are attracted with Surfalite’s elegance.

Surfalite’s initial range features 14 colors, with 8 more set to launch in 2024. With its transformative properties and timeless design, Surfalite is poised to revolutionize the surfaces industry, offering endless possibilities for designers, and enthusiasts alike.

For more information, visit

John Brodrick | North America Sales Manager

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Michele Caneva | VP of Sales

P: +39 045 683-3588

Cole McKisson | PR Director

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