SYNEVIT® Is Constantly Improving Its Supplements

The Health Brand’s Products Are in a Constant State of Upward Evolution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nutraceuticals are a unique field of health and wellness. It consists of sourcing natural ingredients and then processing and combining them in unique ways and at specific concentrations to create formulas that improve human health. For SYNEVIT®, this isn’t a one-time ordeal but an ongoing process.

“The nutraceutical world is always improving,” says SYNEVIT® founder George Cvetkovski. “That means you can’t adopt a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality.” The health and wellness executive goes on to explain that a supplement that works today may feel dated tomorrow as new research continues to reveal fresh ways to better our health. SYNEVIT® is committed to reflecting that ongoing evolution by staying abreast of the latest research and considering how it applies to both past and future product formulations.

“We’re always trying to upgrade our formulas,” explains Cvetkovski. “We have full control over all ingredient sourcing with our manufacturers, which means we can make adjustments as we go along. If we change one ingredient, we review everything and recalibrate to optimize it based on the latest research. These customized formulas are created with ongoing close collaborations with doctors and pharmacists, too.”

These professionals don’t just provide third-party analysis. SYNEVIT® has three pharmacists and two doctors right on its full-time staff. These healthcare-trained employees help with ongoing in-house research, development, and analysis. They offer input at every step, even after a product exists.

This constant consultation with professionals ensures that SYNEVIT® products aren’t just effective now. Customers and retailers who patronize the health brand can rest in the fact that its formulas and health solutions are always up to date. They know the company’s well-established and properly staffed R&D team is perpetually improving existing products to optimize their genuine therapeutic effects for consumers.

SYENVIT®‘s motto is “Technology in Synergy with Nature®.” Part of this synergy comes from the ongoing improvement of the brand’s formulas as Cvetkovski and his team relentlessly seek to create innovative and balanced nutraceutical products for a wide variety of health goals. From mood boosters to anemia, pregnancy to osteoporosis, the group is always seeking to bring the best solutions to the market, even if that means investing in and improving on past formulas to bring them up to date with the latest research.


Launched in 1998 by CEO George Cvetkovski, SYNEVIT® traces its roots to North Macedonia (ex: Yugoslavia). The brand is currently headquartered out of North Macedonia with offices in Serbia and Rochester, New York. SYNEVIT® is an in-house brand of vitamins and minerals with unique, perpetually improved formulas informed by on-staff doctors and pharmacists and designed for therapeutic effect in patients. Learn more at

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