SYNEVIT®’s Synfoline Is a Healthy Pregnancy Precaution

The Health and Wellness Brand’s Precisely Formulated Folic Acid Formula Is a Good Way to Guard Against Neural Tube Defects and Encourage a Healthy Pregnancy

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pregnancy is a demanding activity. A woman’s body requires unique quantities and kinds of nutrients when developing a fetus. A lack of nutrition can lead to complications and concerns for a growing child, which is why SYNEVIT® developed its Synfoline pregnancy formula.

Synfoline is a clean, effective prenatal supplement designed to help both mother and child during pregnancy. The presence of iodine is important in helping both individuals in the production of thyroid hormones. For the fetus, in particular, these play a key role in regulating fetal brain and nervous system development. The World Health Organization clarifies that low iodine intake can lead to increased risk for things such as intellectual impairment and even mortality.

Synfoline also contains methyl folate. This is a biologically active form of folate that is superior to typical folic acid due to its bioavailability. It plays a key role in preventing neural tube defects in children. Neural tube defects are a concern early in pregnancy (including before a woman may realize she is pregnant), which makes Synfoline relevant in the months leading up to conception, as well.

As with all SYNEVIT® formulas, the daily dosage of each ingredient is important. Recommended daily allowances (RDA) are followed to ensure that a sufficient but not exorbitant quantity of each element is present for maximum absorption. In addition, the formula itself is always kept up to date with the latest research.

“We’re always trying to upgrade our formulas,” says SYNEVIT® founder George Cvetkovski. “If we change one ingredient, we review everything and recalibrate to optimize it based on the latest research.” The owner adds that his company has complete control over the selection of ingredients and the production process, ensuring that every formula is not just updated and exact but manufactured with quality and precision.

“When you’re trying to conceive or you’re already pregnant, you want to do your best to create a nourishing and healthy womb for your child,” Cvetkovski says. “Synfoline allows you to rest in the fact that you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to do just that.”


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