Taipei Fashion Week A/W 2023: 6 Designers Create Innovative & Functional Collections for Annual Sustainable Show

TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taipei Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023 is pleased to have hosted Taipei Sustainable Collections on March 24th for its 3rd consecutive year.

Taipei Sustainable Collections is Asia’s first group show centered around sustainability, bringing together 6 designer brands and Taiwan’s top textile manufacturers for a creative fusion of fashion and innovation. Together, designers and textile producers leverage the development of Taiwan’s fashion industry to deliver a joint interpretation of the core idea of “functional sustainable fashion,” enabling each part of the fashion industry chain in Taiwan to support each other and create narratives of diverse culture.

The Autumn/Winter 2023 lineup included both first-time and established brands who returned to participate. New brands included PCES, which showed a sophisticated and function-focused collection made from Li Peng Enterprise’s fabrics created with recycled and reprocessed garment waste. Another new name, SYZYGY, worked with New Wide Enterprise and Yi Shin Textile Industrial to turn earth-friendly yarns and recycled yarns into a fashionable collection around the idea of one garment, multiple possibilities.

Among the established brands to return, DYCTEAM created practical, simple and sleek styles with Formosa Taffeta’s new bio-based and recycled fabric cloths made from a unique technology of carbon capture and biological fermentation. oqLiq worked with Shin Kong Textile and Zig Sheng Industrial to render recycled fishing net yarn, among other low-impact fabrics, into streetwear and functional outdoor clothing. UUIN collaborated with Far Eastern New Century to transform low-emission dyed fabrics and fibers from recycled land and ocean waste into unique pieces inspired by life as art. WEAVISM and Everest Textile teamed up to create gaming-inspired streetwear from ecologically innovative fabrics made from recycled PET bottles and factory waste.

The goal of Taipei Sustainable Collections is to highlight the diversity and creative possibilities of sustainable fashion. Designers can continue to create with unique perspectives and inspirations—from nostalgic history, art and cultural heritage, to contemporary life and the care of local communities—while producing with minimized impact on the planet.

Sustainability remains one of 5 core concepts of Taipei Fashion Week suggested by the Ministry of Culture, along with function, diversity, interdisciplinarity and humanity. Taipei Fashion Week aims to become an important platform of establishing a mature industrial environment while accumulating the energy of fashion. Ultimately, Taipei Fashion Week hopes to be associated with fashionable clothes people are proud to wear in the future.

Following the Sustainable Collections, Taipei Fashion Week will continue through April 8th. For the latest updates and scheduling information about this season’s runway collections, head to

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