Taking A Closer Look at The Dance2Fit Community

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — There is no shortage of workout options — even post-pandemic. However, few of them offer the variety and inclusivity that Dance2Fit has to offer. The Knoxville-based group, founded by Jessica Bass James, is committed to creating a workout routine that is inviting, inclusive, and accessible — no matter how filled or hectic a person’s schedule may be.

Jessica Bass James is no stranger to a busy lifestyle. When she launched her own fitness company, Dance2Fit, part of her motivation was because she needed a program that fit into her hectic schedule. Jessica Bass James knew that others felt similarly, especially those with busy careers and families to care for.

The Dance2Fit message was one that immediately resonated with consumers, and Jessica Bass James’s initial class of three people quickly burgeoned into a massive community of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Many of these fitness fans and followers were virtual, tuning into the brand’s online content on a regular basis as they sought out a way to stay focused and motivated in their workout routines without sacrificing everything else in their life in the process.

While Dance2Fit’s initial growth has been impressive, it’s the retention and loyalty of the fan base itself that’s worthy of note. Dance2Fit doesn’t just bring potential customers in with a promise of a flexible workout schedule. The company also works hard to maintain an environment that accepts everyone as they are.

In the words of the brand, “All of our Dance2Fit workouts take place in an encouraging and positive environment.” Those environments can vary depending on how you use the program. For instance, it can include:

  • Following a live stream class online;
  • Attending a local chapter of the D2Fit community.

While Dance2Fit continues to boast impressive growth, it’s the quality and integrity of its membership base that is truly impressive. The brand has shown a remarkable ability to attract individuals to its positive and inviting platform. There each person becomes part of a larger community that is committed to losing weight, getting in shape, and generally staying fit in a happy and a healthy manner.

About Dance2Fit: Dance2Fit was founded in 2018 by 24-year-old founder Jessica Bass James. The Knoxville-based brand is committed to helping individuals maintain a sense of fitness and health via its workout routines, live classes, supplements, and other fitness products.

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