Tayloáni, Curls Dynasty, and Fitglow Beauty Are Winners for Most Innovative Products 2024

Skin and Beauty Journal has identified three exceptional companies, founded by women whose personal hair and skincare challenges led them to create natural, chemical-free, effective treatment products.

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Taylonáni: Discover the science of hair transformation

Tayloáni presents an elegant thinning hair care line of products uniquely designed for pregnant women and new mothers. Founder and CEO Han Taylor, inspired by her own hair loss experience, created Tayloáni after “looking at hair products available in the market, almost none of them were for young moms and pregnant ladies who are suffering from hair loss.” [See full press release.]

Tayloáni’s unique microwaveable Infinigrowth Thermocap contains “gel pearls that slowly warm the hair, avoiding breakage and frizz that ruin the hair’s natural oils.” Whether used alone or with other products in the line, the Thermocap encapsulates heat, activating and diffusing therapeutic oils and conditioners deep into hair follicles. Tayloáni shampoo, hair masque, and detangler complete the Infinigrowth bundle.

Curls Dynasty: Enhance and define your curls

Curls Dynasty founded by Nickie Nougasse, cracked the code for women with textured hair. Discovering that treatments for textured hair were based on harsh chemicals, she decided to create her own. Nickie began mixing chemical-free, more health-conscious ingredients in her kitchen until she experienced positive results. Excited and passionate to share her discoveries, Curls Dynasty was born, offering natural products for natural hair.

Moisture LCO Retention Bundle hydrates and maintains softness for kinky, curly, and coily hair needing serious moisture retention. The bundle includes Pumpkin Mint Deep Treatment conditioning masque, Organic Oil Blend, Give Me Slip hydration conditioner, Cocoa Mint moisture-rich shampoo, and Icing on a Curl whipped hair butter.

Fitglow Beauty: evidence-based natural ingredients

Fitglow Beauty developed by Anna Domi, emerged after she found out that her own skin was sensitive to harsh synthetic products. Inspired by nature and science, she began “researching natural ingredients and working closely with skin experts, doctors, and chemists to develop evidence-based formulas that go beyond the top layer of the skin.” Her efforts have now led to a small independent woman-owned, woman-led company.

Micro Exfoliant + Mask revives skin beauty and glow, minimizing blemishes and maximizing clarity. Plant enzymes gently exfoliate, smooth, and activate penetration. Passion fruit powder exfoliates as it delivers calcium and antioxidants. Minerals in Canadian glacial clay and charcoal gently exfoliate to clear pores of environmental pollutants, dirt, and makeup. [See full press release.]

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