Tech Startup OneStream TV Launches Free Streaming Aggregator to Battle Netflix and Streaming Fatigue

NEW YORK, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áTech startup OneStream TV has launched a super streaming aggregator to allow consumers who are tired of paying for too many streaming services to use a single platform to discover thousands of free movies and tv shows that are normally scattered across many streaming apps. The platform is available for free to everyone at and no subscription or registration is required.

As a streaming aggregator that unifies content from multiple streaming services, all of which is also completely free, OneStream TV is solving the two biggest issues that consumers currently find most problematic in streaming: fragmentation and cost.

With the explosion of subscription streaming services, everybody is hunting for ways to save money, and easier ways to discover content. And while there are thousands of premium content available to stream for free, the downside is that almost all that free content is really hard to find because it’s scattered across hundreds of apps and streaming services.

For example, some consumers are aware of the existence of free streaming apps like Tubi and Pluto TV. However, most consumers are not aware that major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and HBO Max also occasionally provide free access to a select number of content in their library as part of their global marketing initiatives. So by aggregating all the free content from every corner of the streaming landscape, including the free content from major subscription services like Netflix, HBOMax, and Peacock, as well as the free content from non-subscription services like Tubi, Pluto, and Vudu, OneStream TV is able to amass thousands of premium content that people can easily discover and watch for free in one unified streaming dashboard.

"As more and more consumers change their viewing habits from the traditional cable TV into streaming, the single biggest problem that they are facing is the mounting cost of streaming subscriptions," said Habib Kamara, Founder of OneStream TV. "And while you can find free content across certain apps, you really have to dig through and painfully hunt for them, so from a cost-benefit analysis, it’s nowhere near being worth your time."

This painful process causes most people to just give up, or stick with one or two apps, which means they end up missing out on a lot of free premium content they never thought existed. "But if you have one platform in OneStream TV that automatically aggregates all the free content for you in one place, you can comfortably have access to thousands of premium content in one unified streaming platform while saving money at the same time," added Habib.

OneStream TV is currently available on desktop via the platform’s website. The mobile and TV app versions of the platform are currently in development, and will be released in the coming weeks.

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